Summary of Vortrag auf der INVENTA Karlsruhe zum Thema Alarmanlagen und Sicherheitstechnik

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The speaker of the video talks about alarm systems and security technology, and how they can help protect against burglary. He recommends that homeowners get a certified security system, and gives tips on how to choose one that will be effective.

  • 00:00:00 The speaker of the video presentation discusses the topic of alarm systems and security technology. He notes that statistics show that the most popular areas for burglary are in Bavaria's criminal statistics office. He also discusses the topic of smoking and its relationship to security. He states that, since 2011, the company he works for has provided regular security training to police departments across Germany. He also shares his experience working with other security systems companies. He notes that, in 2012, burglary incidence in Germany was 13,2000. He explains that, in 2011, there were also 77,000 murders and murder attempts, and that in 2012, this number had increased by almost 20%. He concludes the talk by discussing the importance of security in multifamily dwellings and the popularity of certain burglary techniques.
  • 00:05:00 The speaker discusses the importance of security measures in homes, and provides tips on how to protect yourself from burglary. He also discusses the importance of having a certified security system, and recommends that homeowners take a look at the ISO 50 1 31 standard.

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