Summary of Origen y creación de nuestra Constitución

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The video discusses the origins, creation, and evolution of the Mexican Constitution. It highlights how the Constitution is a product of the social revolution of the early 20th century, and how it has been amended over time to address the changing needs of the country.

  • 00:00:00 Origen and creation of our Constitution is discussed in this video, which features footage from 100 years ago of the Teatro Iturbide, where Venustiano Carranza presented the proposed Constitution of 1917 to 151 lawmakers. Carranza's proposal for a deep reform of new governing forms and a new social understanding of power was the key to creating a new Constitution. The demands of the social revolution of the early 20th century influenced the drafting of the Constitution, which can be seen in the return of liberalism in the Magonista period. Jacobin leaders, such as Francisco Múgica and Jacinto Gutiérrez, joined the movement and pushed for social reforms such as labor rights and a participatory government. The original draft of Carranza's plan for a constitutional amendment included many of these concepts, but eventual implementation left many issues unresolved. The video concludes with a discussion of the origins of the Constitution, which is summarized as the result of the demands of the social revolution, the return of liberalism in the Magonista period, and the influence of Jacobin leaders.
  • 00:05:00 The video discusses the origins and creation of Mexico's Constitution, and how it has changed over time. It also points out that, politically, it is more important to have a new Constitution because it marks a new beginning for Mexico's modern era. The video also discusses the reasons behind the 1917 Constitution, which led to the promotion of voting and effective re-election, and the rights and social issues that have been recognized as collective rights. I invite you to continue watching on YouTube channel 22 for more about our Constitution in 30 elections.

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