Summary of Virus Kills Everyone Above 21 Years Old, Leaving Children To Rule Earth

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  • 00:00:00 In this YouTube video, various people die of an unknown, contagious disease. The video fast forwards to the fourth day since the incidents began, and 50 people have already lost their lives. A quarantine is initiated, and the creaker brothers decide to have some fun by breaking into a car dealership and driving away in one of the owner's expensive trucks. The cunning businessman notices them and decides to take matters into his own hands. He follows the creaker brothers, corners them on an isolated road, and then forces them to strip down. Charles then brings out his rifle, but a good Samaritan intervenes and forces Charles to let the brothers go. The government announces that the virus is slowing down and the quarantine will soon be lifted, but for that the young citizens will have to gather and burn all the dead bodies. The news gives hope to the remaining citizens, and they immediately begin gathering the dead bodies. Meanwhile, Ronnie Krieger, the drug dealer, steals medications from a house and Chuck tries to take control of the situation. Ronnie brings out his gun, and Chuck lets him go. Four days pass by, and the situation shows no signs of improvement. The government has still not made any breakthrough about what caused the outbreak. Melissa starts looking after the orphans
  • 00:05:00 The video discusses a virus that kills everyone over 21, leaving children to rule the earth. A transcript excerpt follows: With her name on it but before you can hand it over to her, Wiley feels dizzy and collapses to the floor. Gord is working on his farm and notices a flock of vultures circling over something in the nearby forest. He walks to the place only to find Chuck's sister Lana dead near a tree with a wound on her head. Guess she just couldn't take her dad looking at children's butts anymore. He calls Chuck and Adam to the scene and the latter takes a look around the place and deduces that someone tussled with her before she passed away. He also takes pictures of the crime scene. Chuck then picks up his sister's body and burns it. Amanda, Chuck's other sister who is suffering from autism, tries to prepare some chicken burgers and fries at their grocery store. The little girl believes that her sister Lana will soon return home, however, because of her clumsiness, the oil catches fire and a large portion of the star is burned. Amanda is thankfully unharmed but she is too scared to reveal it was her fault. When Chuck inquires about what happened, she
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