Summary of Lievelingsbrug Poetin | steun voor Iraanse protesten | gestrande toeristen | De Avondshow (S2)

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The Dutch show The Avondshow features a segment on the recent attack on the Crimean Bridge in Russia, which is connected to protests in Iran and a breakdown of tourism in France. The segment begins with a scenic ride with Putin over the bridge, but soon turns to the damaged state of the bridge and the violent response in Russia. The host then speaks about the ongoing protests in Iran, where people are demanding more rights and explains the support received from the Dutch people. The impact of these protests on Dutch citizens living in Iran is also discussed, including the arrests of Iraans-Dutch activists. The show ends with a segment on the difficulties in finding gasoline in France due to a shortage of fuel and the own experiences of people camping in the area. It is suggested that Dutch tourists in France can seek assistance from the ANWB (vereniging voor toeristen en reizen) for finding fuel.

  • 00:00:00 In this section, the Dutch show The Avondshow discusses the recent attack on the Crimean Bridge in Russia and how President Putin has reacted to it. The show begins with a trip to the Crimean Bridge, which is one of Russia's most significant infrastructure projects that Putin has personally overseen. The host takes a ride in the car with Putin and describes the impressive views. However, the show quickly turns to the destruction of the bridge and the violent reaction to it in Russia. The show also talks about the protests in Iran, where people are demanding more rights and explaining the support they have received from the Dutch people. The show ends by discussing the impact the protests in Iran have had on the Dutch people, including Iraans-Dutch activists who have been arrested for their involvement in the protests.
  • 00:05:00 In this section, the speaker discusses the nieuwsg Angeles uit Frankrijk en hoe het veilig is om tanktje te vinden in het land. They talk about how there is no brandstof meer in het oliebedrijven, en how Nederlanders die stallen en camping zijn geplaagd, om hun brandstofberaden te vinden. They mention that 6 weken is algeleden in Frankrijk, waar hun pensionatiouns hier staat en dat het werd lastig om zelfs stof te tanken. They suggest going to hear it from de ANWB (vereniging voor toeristen en reizen) zelfs als een goede oplossing voor Nederlanders in Frankrijk. They mention that ze zagen veel mensen tanken, en dat het ANWB niet hetzelfde kunde doen. Finally, they mention a few of the things that 6 weken hier approached them and some recommendations for them.

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