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The YouTubers, Benny and Julia, share their experience of a new challenge in Clash Royale to obtain the Monk emote, which has no limit on the number of times you need to win. The Monk is a crucial card for destroying the Fennec Fox, and they have included Verdugo and Ciclo R谩pido cards in the challenge. The game includes a "desafio" mode, where players get three attacks and a healing potion called 'elixir'. However, if the opponent has a Verdugo, golem, or giant, they can throw all Phoenixes at once, making exchanging difficult. The video creator uses the example of defeating an easy opponent to emphasize the importance of strategy and preparation in Clash Royale

  • 00:00:00 In this section, the YouTubers, Benny and Julia, are excited to share their experience of the new challenge in Clash Royale to obtain the emote of the Monk. They mention that it is not necessary to win a certain number of times as there is no limit, and that they had not planned to make a video on the challenge, but felt that it was worth sharing with their audience. They mention that the Monk is an excellent card for destroying the Fennec Fox, and that they have placed it in the challenge, along with Verdugo and the Ciclo R谩pido cards. They are confident that the new challenge will be more difficult than the previous one, and plan to continue sharing their experiences with their viewers in the future.
  • 00:05:00 In this section, the video creator describes a game modes with certain challenges called "desafio". While competing in the game, the player is given three attacks and a thing called 'elixir' used as a specific -long lasting healing potion to help survive longer. The use of "F茅nix"(phoenix) cards, which has a moderate damage but is splash area attack, is crucial. However, the player states that if their opponent has a Verdugo (mortar), a golem, or most commonly a giant, they can throw all the F茅nix at once, making the exchanging a ludicrous affair.
  • 00:10:00 In this section, the speaker is represented the difficulty of the game Clash Royale and how to make it easier. He uses the example of a game he played, in which he fought against a poor opponent. He realized that the game was easily won and that he had wasted time by playing it. The speaker describes the game, and how he defeated his opponent. He used his archers to defend himself and landed one with the force of lightning on his opponent's tower. He suggests that one should always be prepared for the game and that one should analyze every move made by the opponent. He also suggests that one should use their options wisely and not waste time by playing games that you are not prepared to win. Overall, the speaker emphasizes the importance of strategy and preparation in Clash Royale. He suggests that one should always have a plan in place and be ready for any situation that may arise. He suggests that one should always be careful when making decisions in Clash Royale and that one should strive to improve their skills by playing games only when they are confident that they can win.

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