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In the "Avatar: The Way of Water" trailer, we are introduced to the character of Kiri, who enlists the help of Jake Sully to investigate a connection his daughter has to an unseen force. Jake and Kiri explore a Na'vi settlement and eventually meet Neytiri, who warns Jake about an impending war. Jake agrees to stay with Neytiri and her people, despite the danger.

  • 00:00:00 The video introduces the character of Kiri, who is father to Jake Sully, a human who has been surgically altered to look and sound like a Na'vi. Kiri believes that his daughter is experiencing a connection to an unseen force, and he asks Jake to help him find out what is happening. The video then shows Jake and Kiri exploring a Na'vi settlement, where they meet Lo'ak and Toniwar, two Na'vi who are skeptical of Jake's intentions. Jake and Kiri then journey to the waterway that links all the Na'vi worlds, where they encounter Neytiri and her people. Neytiri warns Jake that he must stay away from the war that is coming to their world, and Jake agrees to stay with her.

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