Summary of How to Remember the Order of the U.S. Presidents

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The video is a story about two brothers who are playing near a dam. A van comes by and the brother inside (Harry) tells them that he has a tie with polka dots. The brothers' eyes light up when they see the tie and they all praise George Washington.

  • 00:00:00 This story tells of two brothers playing near a dam, and a van coming by with a big brother (Harry) inside. Harry says that he has a tie with polka dots that he got from the tailor who fills more when he Pierce's stuff with his "caning magic." The genie (Ken Johnson) then comes out and tells the brothers that he can grant one wish to any of them, but it never came true. Just then, another brother (George Washington) rides by on a horse. The brothers' eyes light up when they see him, and the story ends with them all praising George Washington.

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