Summary of Hercules and The Captive Women 1962.

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The video is a historical account of the legend of Hercules, told by different people who all seem to have met him in one way or another. Hercules was a powerful warrior who fought in many wars, and was known for his strength and bravery. In one particular war, he fought against the king of Thebes and was able to defeat him. After the war, he was captured and taken prisoner, but was eventually able to escape and make his way back to his kingdom.

  • 00:00:00 This video is a historical account of the legend of Hercules, a powerful warrior who fought in many wars. In one such war, he fought against the king of Thebes, Andrew the Mighty. Hylas and Hercules were friends, and the good-natured brawling between the young warriors was a necessity for their health and fitness. All wars were always present, and that's enough now, boys. Hercules leaves the battlefield, and the viewer is left to wonder what will happen next.
  • 00:05:00 In this video, a king is trying to persuade his city council to attack an unknown enemy, and he appeals to his wife and son to stay with him while he goes. His wife protests, saying that he has always been ready to accompany him on dangerous expeditions. The king finally convinces her to stay, and they all swear an oath to stay alive until he returns. He then leaves to join his troops, promising to return soon.
  • 00:10:00 The narrator talks about how he misses Hercules and how happy he is that he is able to talk to him through a video call. He tells Hercules about how he was able to beat the enemy and what he plans to do next.
  • 00:15:00 The narrator discusses Hercules and the Captive Women, a 1962 film about a group of men who are tasked with finding and rescuing a group of women who have been taken captive by a sea monster. The men are sure that the gods will help them, but they are eventually defeated by the monster.
  • 00:20:00 The video is of a group of people discussing their plans for the future. One man, named David, says he wants to meet his father again, and is hopeful that they will meet again. Another man, named Piketty, says he will help a Latino man sell property. Finally, another man, named Androcles, says he might still be alive if it is his father who is here. All of the men seem to be optimistic and hopeful for the future.
  • 00:25:00 The narrator tells the story of her battle against a snake-like monster, Proteus, and how it was the will of the gods that she succeed in slaying him. She thanks her people for leaving her as a sacrifice, and says that they would never have been able to defeat Proteus without the help of the gods.
  • 00:30:00 The video is a dedication to Uranus, the queen is in the temple to a sacred ceremony, and their children are dedicated to their feelings. Suddenly, the mists that protect the island have vanished. The speaker sees this from the mountain and fears that slander can be seen by mortals. Uranus has abandoned the island, and the speaker concludes that he must sacrifice someone to the gods in order to save their daughter. The speaker returns to find that his daughter is still alive but there is no joy in his eyes, and he has killed Proteus, the son of Uranus. The speaker returns to ask forgiveness from his friend and offers thanks to the god who has saved them. In the end, fate seems to be more concerned with the well-being of the many than for the well-being of the friend, and the speaker is sent to the island by fate to find a friend.
  • 00:35:00 The narrator tells the story of how his daughter, who was being held captive by a sea monster, was saved by Hercules. After the monster was defeated, the narrator asks Hercules to stay with them, but Hercules says he must return to his kingdom. The narrator understands, and thanks Hercules for his help.
  • 00:40:00 The video follows a group of men as they capture a woman and bring her to a cliff to execute her. Hercules, the man who captured her, asks her why she is so anxious to leave, and she responds that she has enjoyed his company. However, she wants to find her friend Androcles and find out what happened to him. The men tell her that Androcles may be dead or may be at the bottom of the sea, and so she decides to stay with them for now.
  • 00:45:00 The narrator tells the story of how he and another man, Androcles, came to Atlantis and how Androcles was killed. The narrator feels guilty for having lied to Androcles, but ultimately decides that it is better for him to have died than for him to have lived knowing the truth.
  • 00:50:00 The video describes how Hercules, a week-long prisoner, was able to escape by breaking through the window bars with his bare hands. He is then captured and returned to the queen, who orders that he be killed.
  • 00:55:00 In this video, Hercules is trying to free some captive women from a valley. He is assisted by a woodsman named Jim, who helps him break through the godswood to set the captives free. Before they can escape, Hercules' father finds them and scolds him for being with a girl.

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In the YouTube video "Hercules and The Captive Women 1962," the titular character and his fellow prisoners discuss their plans to escape and attack the city where they are being held captive. Hercules is of a new race that is superior to all others, and together they can rule over the world. However, the man talking about his capture says that this is a mad dream and that he will put an end to it.

  • 01:00:00 In this YouTube video, a group of Hercules prisoners discuss their plans to escape and attack the city where they are held. Their leader, a man named Androcles, tells his father not to worry, and that he will take care of him while he's away. Meanwhile, the prisoners prepare for their attack.
  • 01:05:00 In the video, Hercules tells a priest and senator about his mission to destroy a rock called the "rock of the guard" which is said to contain bodies and minds in addition to light and darkness. The priest and senator are doubtful, but Hercules assures them that he is doing this to save humanity. He then asks for their help, and they agree to help him. After defeating Antonia, the ruler of Atlantis, Hercules will put an end to her evil reign.
  • 01:10:00 The narrator discusses her husband, Hercules, and how he is a great leader who can conquer the world. She explains that her husband is of a new race that is superior to all others and that together they can rule over the world. However, she also mentions that this is a mad dream and that she will put an end to it.
  • 01:15:00 A man is talking about how he was captured and enslaved by Hercules. He then talks about how one day, some of the slaves wanted to attack the city. He was hit from behind by a strange man, and when he came to, he found himself in this room. He then talks about how this is the room where Androcles lost his memory and consciousness, and antonia means to do the same thing to them.
  • 01:20:00 In this 1962 movie, Hercules (played by Steve Reeves) is trying to free the women who were captured by the evil king Iolaus (played by Richard Egan). Hylas (played by John Gavin) helps Hercules by leading him to the temple where the women are being held. However, when they get there, they discover that the other temple should have led to the scene. Hylas tells Hercules to leave the island and he will join him soon. Hercules takes care of his mother before leaving.
  • 01:25:00 Hercules is captured by the enemy and is about to be sacrificed when he is saved by Androcles. They hatch a plan to set the ship on fire and escape.
  • 01:30:00 In this 1962 film, Hercules saves Greece from a shipwreck. However, he can't remember what happened after he fell overboard.

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