Summary of Comment un trader japonais a gagné 34 millions de $ en 1 jour ?

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This Japanese trader has won $34 million in one day by following three key principles: being independent and believing in his own idea, capitalizing on opportunities when they are available, and investing as much capital as possible into his idea.

  • 00:00:00 This video discusses a Japanese trader who has won $34 million in one day by trading on the stock market. The first principle he follows is to do the opposite of what most other traders do, which is to be completely independent and to believe in his own idea. He says that this is what has helped him to be successful in the past. The second principle is to capitalize on opportunities when they are available and to keep a strong position when the opportunity is right. The third principle is to believe in your idea and to invest as much capital as possible on it. This video provides links to more information about the trader and his strategies.

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