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The YouTube video titled "ОБЗОР 3 Сезона BATTLEFIELD 2042" provides a detailed review of the third season of Battlefield 2042. The reviewer praises the new map "На острие" (On the Edge) in Lapland, Sweden, highlighting its well-designed infantry gameplay and balanced combat. The new specialist, Rashid Zayn, also receives positive feedback for his unique passive ability and visual effect. However, the reviewer expresses disappointment with the xm25 infantry gadget and the kv-90 Tor tank, suggesting that these additions lack uniqueness and may not appeal to players. In terms of gameplay elements, the reviewer comments on the dominance of tanks with active defenses and hit-scan guns, but notes that tanks struggle with engaging airborne targets. They also express dissatisfaction with the new weapons, particularly the railgun sniper rifle, and criticize the additional firing modes for being frustrating to use effectively. The user finds the Battle Pass lacking in quality skins and new features, and hopes for improvements in the next season. Overall, the reviewer acknowledges the developers' progress in map design and highlights the enjoyable gameplay experience of Battlefield 2042.

  • 00:00:00 In this section, the reviewer discusses the third season of Battlefield 2042, which has officially started on all platforms and is now available in various subscriptions. The highlight of the new content is the new map called "На острие" (On the Edge) set in Lapland, Sweden. The map is described as a well-designed infantry map with a flat surface and various hills and trenches, making it comfortable for infantry movement. The map features two large square factories in the middle, where most of the action takes place. Sniper spots are limited due to high borders on the rooftops, and there are no zip lines or stairs, keeping the rooftops clear. Overall, the map is praised for its balanced gameplay and close-quarters combat, making it a favorite for fans of infantry maps. Additionally, the review mentions the new specialist Rashid Zayn, who has a unique passive ability that provides a fast heal after killing an enemy and an interesting visual effect. The review concludes by acknowledging the developers' progress in map design and highlighting the enjoyable gameplay experience.
  • 00:05:00 In this section, the reviewer discusses two new additions in Battlefield 2042: the infantry gadget called "xm25" and the new tank called "kv-90 Tor." The xm25 is similar to the one in Battlefield 4, but with less damage and without thermal vision. Its main purpose is to flush out enemies behind cover, but many players don't use it effectively. The tank, kv-90 Tor, is an electric tank with two firing modes: standard and siege. In siege mode, it has increased firepower but reduced mobility. The tank's main feature is its high-velocity projectiles, making long-range shots easier. The reviewer finds the tank unbalanced and too powerful against ground vehicles. It has quick fire rate, doesn't require leading shots, and has active defense, making it difficult for other vehicles to hit. Overall, the reviewer believes that both additions lack uniqueness and may not be popular among players.
  • 00:10:00 In this section, the user discusses their thoughts and observations on the gameplay elements of Battlefield 2042. They mention that tanks with active defenses and hit-scan guns will be dominant, but they find the tank's reloading time and slow turret movement problematic when engaging airborne targets. They also express disappointment with the new weapons, stating that the railgun sniper rifle is the only standout, while the shotgun and pistol are underwhelming. The user criticizes the additional firing modes of the railgun, describing them as frustrating and difficult to use effectively. They feel that the recoil is excessive, making it nearly impossible to land shots beyond close range. The user finds the overall experience of these firing modes unpleasant and believes they were included for the sake of variety. They also mention that other weapons, such as the A91, lack impact and could use improvements in terms of damage and ammunition capacity. Additionally, they briefly touch on the fun factor of the throwable knife, stating that it can be enjoyable to use but is not a suitable replacement for regular grenades. Finally, the user expresses disappointment with the Battle Pass, claiming that it has gotten progressively worse with each season and now includes unnecessary elements.
  • 00:15:00 In this section, the reviewer discusses the content of Battlefield 2042's Season 3. They mention that there are only 10 decent skins in the Battle Pass, with 7 of them being free, which makes the paid Battle Pass underwhelming. They also criticize the lack of new features, such as no new attachments or different ammunition types, and the copied content from previous seasons. The reviewer concludes that the season is mediocre and hopes that the next season will be better with the addition of new specialists and maps. They suggest buying the game, especially since there will be discounts after the free trial period.

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