Summary of I Tried REAL PAELLA IN SPAIN (speechless)

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A chef tries real paella in Spain and is amazed by how good it is. She tries several different dishes and is impressed by the flavor of each one. She takes some of the paella home with her and is excited to try it again.

  • 00:00:00 This video features a Spanish-speaking person trying the traditional dish of paella for the first time. The person is impressed by the dish's versatility and how seriously the Spanish take it. They also mention that if they see the person fiddling with their phone, it is not because they are checking their messages, but because they are enjoying the appetizers while they wait for the paella to arrive.
  • 00:05:00 The speaker talks about how she tried real paella in Spain and it was a huge disappointment. She says that the waiting is killing her and everyone else is having paella, so she's thinking that it might be for her. She then talks about how the seafood is great but the rice is amazing. She tries the shrimp with the rice and it's amazing. She also tries the cod and the monkfish and they're all great. The last dish she tries is the prawns and they're amazing. She takes everything with her as a takeaway and says that she's excited to try it again.
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