Summary of El asesinato del General Prim - La posible conspiración tras su final.

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The video "El asesinato del General Prim - La posible conspiración tras su final" is about the mysterious assassination of General Prim, the President of Spain in 1870. The murder remains one of the most intriguing events in Spanish history, and the video suggests that there may be hidden truths and possible conspiracies involved in his death. The witness, Paco Pérez Abellán, claims to have found evidence of a possible Masonic conspiracy, and the video hints at the complexity of the planned operation. Various accounts and legends exist surrounding the death of General Prim, and the video discusses different theories and conspiracies. In this section, the speaker reveals a reproduction of the body of General Prim, which provides significant clues. Despite facing challenges and persecution, the video emphasizes the importance of seeking the truth and uncovering the true circumstances surrounding the assassination of one of the most powerful Spanish leaders.

  • 00:00:00 In this section, the video introduces the mysterious assassination of General Prim, a Spanish president who was killed in 1870. The death of Prim remains a mystery, and a commission, led by Paco Pérez Abellán, claims to have found evidence of a Masonic conspiracy behind the murder. The video suggests that Prim's death may have been different from what has been commonly believed, and that there may be hidden secrets surrounding the case. The forensics expert involved in the investigation also feels a strong urge to uncover the truth. The video hints at a possible cover-up and the existence of hidden forces that have tried to suppress the investigation. Paco Pérez Abellán, a renowned journalist, has faced numerous obstacles and challenges while delving deeper into the case. The video suggests that the assassination of General Prim may hold the key to understanding other political assassinations in Spain and even the assassination of John F. Kennedy.
  • 00:05:00 In this section, the narrator discusses the assassination of General Prim, stating that it was a planned and complex operation. The perpetrators had positioned themselves throughout the city, ready to kill him no matter the itinerary. The narrator emphasizes that this was the most expensive, well-prepared, and complex conspiracy in history. Furthermore, the assassination was disguised to remain a mystery even 142 years later. The narrator then introduces the preserved body of General Prim, which has been modified to reveal who killed him. The speaker acknowledges the controversy surrounding the official version of events and states the intention to present both the official account and the alternative perspective. The narrator briefly explains how General Prim was ambushed on the street and shot multiple times, leaving him fatally wounded.
  • 00:10:00 In this section, it is mentioned that there are different accounts and legends surrounding the death of General Prim. The official version is that he died from a series of infections, but there are alternative theories suggesting a possible conspiracy. The transcript mentions a book called "Los Signos de Prim" written by Pedro Ríos, which contains information from the official summary of Prim's death. It is suggested that there may be political interests in hiding the truth. It is also noted that there have been attempts to erase certain testimonies and even entire volumes of the summary. Additionally, it is mentioned that the wounds inflicted on Prim were not properly treated and that his death was ultimately caused by strangulation with the use of drugs. These revelations challenge the conventional narrative surrounding the death of the powerful General Prim.
  • 00:15:00 In this section, the speaker discusses a possible conspiracy behind the assassination of General Prim. They mention that a renowned photographer was hired to document the evidence, including photos of Prim's mummy showing Masonic symbols. The speaker suggests that Prim's death was a result of a power struggle between Masonic lodges, with Prim opposing the return of the Bourbon monarchy to Spain. They argue that the Masonic influence still exists in Spain today and holds power in influential positions. The speaker also mentions the striking eyes of Prim's mummy, which they attribute to a Masonic gesture symbolizing the attainment of knowledge. Overall, the speaker claims to have discovered evidence of the conspiracy and its connection to other political assassinations in Spain.
  • 00:20:00 In this section, the speaker discusses the powerful men who killed General Prim, guaranteeing that his assassins would go free and he would never be captured. They mention the case of John Fitch, where the same strategy of lying and changing the historical narrative was used. It is revealed that the coffin and the brain of John Fisher, the general, disappeared so that no one could know the true extent of his injuries. The speaker accuses General Serrano, who had taken all the commands at the time of Prim's death, of being responsible for not protecting Prim's life, suggesting that he was strangled. The speaker also mentions the strong reaction and backlash they faced when they launched their theory, particularly from a report by the School of Legal Medicine at Complutense University in Madrid. Despite the challenges, the speaker asserts that their goal was to uncover the truth about Prim's assassination and change the historical narrative surrounding it.
  • 00:25:00 In this section of the video, the speaker discusses the challenges faced during their investigation into the death of General Prim. They explain how they have been accused of demonizing certain findings and facing opposition to their work. However, they emphasize that they are simply presenting the information provided by the only eyewitness, the body of General Prim. They then proceed to reveal a reproduction of the body, which is praised for its accuracy. They also mention the importance of a set of photographs in their investigation, which provide significant clues. The speaker highlights the discrepancy between the autopsy report mentioned in official documentation and the lack of autopsy performed on the actual body, raising further questions about the case.
  • 00:30:00 In this section, the speakers discuss their observations on the body of General Prim and their suspicions regarding the lack of autopsy. They mention that while examining the body, they noticed distinct markings on the neck that they believed to be consistent with strangulation. These markings were not typical for a mummified body and raised questions about the circumstances of General Prim's death. They assure that the photographs taken of these marks were not manipulated and that there is a substantial collection of evidence to support their authenticity. Despite facing accusations and even threats, the speakers remain determined to investigate the case further.
  • 00:35:00 In this section, the speaker discusses the marks found on General Prim's body and concludes that they are consistent with strangulation by a noose. They explain that the clothing worn by the general at the time of his death could not have caused these marks and provide evidence to support their claim. They also mention that the absence of certain injuries does not rule out the possibility of strangulation by this method. The speaker expresses gratitude for the opportunity to share their findings and suggests that there may be more to uncover about the conspiracy surrounding General Prim's assassination. They emphasize the importance of seeking the truth and promise to continue investigating the case. The section ends with a mention of the fascination and depth of the topic, indicating that there is much more to discover.

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