Summary of Let's Read Homestuck - Act 1 - Part 5

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In this fifth part of the "Let's Read Homestuck" series, John plays the game more and finds out more about his character and the game world. He also has some issues with his father and tries to investigate a strange man with a sledgehammer. In the end, he's unable to get the cake but he does get a telescope.

  • 00:00:00 The player begins the game by trying to get acquainted with the controls and magic chest. They then go outside to try and fetch a modus from their dad's car. Once they get the modus, they can toggle between the stack and queue modes. Later, they notice that the house is shaking and they realize that they are dropping more items into the house. They eventually find out that they need to install the server application to play the game. They then explore the game more and find out that they are supposed to be playing as Harlequin, a clown.
  • 00:05:00 John is looking at pictures of himself from 1723. He notes that he has a hat hook and coffee pot in the future, and that he's not feeling satisfied with how things are going with his father. He goes to the balcony and sees a guy with a sledgehammer and capture log card, and decides to investigate. He jumps down into the utility room, where he finds the cake. He tries to take it, but the lid falls off the tubs. He goes outside, but loses the wireless signal.
  • 00:10:00 John goes upstairs and finds the AL cannister, but is unable to use the pre punch card with the alq amateur. He then gets the telescope, which he uses to push the crooks site to the last card.

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