Summary of What is Downstream Oil and Gas?

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The YouTube video titled "What is Downstream Oil and Gas?" provides an overview of the downstream oil and gas industry. This industry is responsible for refining crude oil into useful products and then marketing and distributing these products to end-users. The downstream oil and gas industry is complex and global in scope, and it requires a deep understanding of the needs of customers in order to be successful.

  • 00:00:00 Downstream oil and gas refers to the business of refining crude oil into useful products, and then distributing and marketing those products to end-users. This segment of the oil and gas industry is complex and requires a global perspective, and it deals with getting products to end-users.
  • 00:05:00 Downstream oil and gas refers to the production and sale of products such as gasoline, diesel fuel, and other transportation fuels. Product marketing is responsible for locating and supplying customers who need these products. Large direct consumers of energy products include industrial and petrochemical manufacturers, utilities, trucking fleets, and airlines.

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