Summary of ¿Qué es un MANUAL DE IDENTIDAD CORPORATIVA? [ Y por qué es importante ]🤓📘

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A corporate identity manual is important for businesses because it helps to ensure that the company's branding elements are used consistently across all platforms. This video provides an example of why a manual is necessary, showing how a business owner's logo ended up being designed improperly because he did not follow the proper protocol for submitting it to the various designers.

  • 00:00:00 In this video, Carlos Andrés explains the importance of having a corporate identity manual, which should contain accurate information on the colors, fonts, and sizes of the company's logo and other branding elements. Any business, no matter its size, should have a manual created to help it be recognized both here in the United States and in China, or in health-related businesses such as Trini, etc. This channel's main goal is to teach people how to design a good corporate identity, by providing an in-depth look at what a manual of brand or corporate identity is and its formal definition. In the example shown, a business owner wants their logo to appear on various media platforms in order to increase exposure. If he had followed proper protocol in creating and submitting his logo to the various designers involved, the end result would have been a disaster. The importance of having a corporate identity manual is illustrated with a simple example.

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