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The video discusses how plates move and how this movement causes earthquakes. It also explains that Chile is located in a particularly dangerous place for earthquakes due to its location on the South American Plate.

  • 00:00:00 Placas tectónicas are seen in Darwin, which has occasions with alarm due to changes in media. Darwin enjoys measuring positions and finds it enjoyable. He also achieved this, although it seems like it would be a simple task, and peace comes like the tenth time he tries it. The movement of plates is what causes earthquakes and makes the earth shake, and Chile is located in a dangerous place, full of monsters. This is why, every so often, the earth shakes. Despite the surface appearing to be static, the earth actually moves due to the steps of the torque and, when it occurs due to the increase or decrease of heat inside the earth, it produces large layers of rock moving and crashing against each other. There are many layers on the earth--like an eggshell with cracks--and through millions of years of contact, they've caused mountain ranges, volcanoes, and earthquakes. But it's not always fun living in one of the countries with the most movement on the planet--you get a little bit of anxiety, but that's how geography is and Chile is located right at the edge of the South American Plate that clashes with the Nazca Plate facing our coasts. But I don't see any--so they must be covered by the

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