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In the YouTube video "Fundición Centrifuga," a team of workers demonstrates how to use a centrifuge machine to produce a metal alloy. First, a metal lump is placed in the machine and melted down. Then, the molten metal is introduced into the centrifuge, which rotates at a high speed. The metal is then copied into a new piece. The workers emphasize the importance of safety when working with the machine.

  • 00:00:00 Today, we're going to do a centrifuge condition. The centrifuge function is generally used to separate different matrices of substances, such as alloys in metal alloys. Today, we're going to use samarium-cobalt alloy in a form of a lump, and put it in a certain temperature to produce a liquid state. After that, we'll put the metal lump in a centrifuge machine that has a rotating plate, and it rotates at 1400 revolutions per minute. We'll introduce the melted metal lump inside, and through the small channels, it will copy the piece. Now, we'll see how we're going to do it. Always, we must take care of our physical health when working in the workplace, and we'll talk about the other members later. Today, we're going to talk about the other members of the team.

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