Summary of El precio del mercado inmobiliario en EEUU ha empezado a ralentizarse, primeros signos de alerta

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The video discusses the slowing down of the housing market in the United States, with interest rates rising due to the Federal Reserve's efforts to tamp down inflation. This could be a good thing for average Americans, as it makes the housing market more accessible. However, if mortgage rates continue to rise at the current rate, it could be indicative of another housing bubble burst.

  • 00:00:00 The price of residential real estate in the United States is beginning to slow down, with signs of an impending housing bubble burst. Interest rates are rising due to the Federal Reserve's efforts to tamp down inflation, which may be making the housing market more accessible for average Americans. The best way to measure how high interest rates have gone is to look at 30-year fixed-rate mortgages, which are currently at around 6.52%. These rates have even hit 7%. This indicates that prices have been on the rise much faster than interest rates have increased, which is reminiscent of the boom years of 2007-2008. If prices for mortgages continue to rise at this rate, it could indicate another housing bubble burst.

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