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Dave Rat introduces a new series of videos on in-ear systems, where he tests and compares different brands and models using the new Audix TM-2 and Sound Bullet. He plans to conduct various tests, including response types such as pink noise and tone testing, polarity, and latency. The preliminary results will be posted publicly, while more detailed and comparative analyses will be on his paid member channel, along with discussions and weekly Zoom meetings. Dave's collection of IEMs includes Acoustics Contour XO, JH Audio Roxannes, and Ultimate Ears U18 Plus, among others. He also briefly discusses pricing and provides information on his website and services.

  • 00:00:00 In this section, Dave Rat introduces a series of videos that will focus on in-ear systems. He has an assortment of top brands and models that he will compare, using the new Audix TM-2, a test unit that allows him to monitor the output and run it through different tests. He also has a new toy, the Sound Bullet, which he will use with a pink noise generator. Dave plans to compare the in-ears and do all response types. He will post some of the basic stuff publicly and the more in-depth and comparative analysis on his paid member channel, where he will also have high-quality discussions and a weekly Zoom meeting. The brands he will compare include Acoustics Contour XO, designed in collaboration with JH Audio, JH Audio Roxannes, and Ultimate Ears U18 Plus. Dave also has a pair of Future Sonic MG6 Pro, which he plans to test.
  • 00:05:00 In this section, the speaker talks about his collection of in-ear monitors (IEMs), including specific features and models. He also mentions that he will conduct tests to compare their performance based on sound quality, including pink noise and tone testing, as well as polarity and latency. The speaker also briefly discusses the pricing of various models and provides information on his website, products, and services.

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