Summary of How to Fix A Noisy Refrigerator Freezer Yourself!

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The video provides solutions to fix a noisy refrigerator or freezer. Overstuffing and ice buildup are two common reasons why a freezer or refrigerator might make a helicopter-like noise, and remedies include removing some items, letting it melt naturally or using a hairdryer or steamer to remove the ice buildup. The video emphasizes the importance of using towels and preventing water damage when dealing with excess water. The video wraps up with a reminder to like and subscribe to the channel and visit for other video resources.

  • 00:00:00 In this section, the video walks through the reasons why a refrigerator or freezer might be making a helicopter-like noise, and what can be done to fix it. The first reason discussed is overstuffing, which can cause the back panel to hit the fan and create the noise. Removing some items can relieve the pressure and stop the noise. Another common reason is ice buildup in the back panel where the fan is located. This can be fixed by taking everything out of the freezer, unplugging it, and letting it melt naturally for 24 hours or by removing the panel and clearing the ice buildup. The video also emphasizes the importance of towels on the floor and water damage prevention when dealing with excess water from the melting ice.
  • 00:05:00 In this section, the speaker discusses the process of taking off the back panel of the freezer to inspect for ice buildup. He notes that it is essential not to use power tools to unscrew and screw the back panel as it can crack the plastic and destroy the freezer. Using a hairdryer or steamer is suggested to remove ice buildup and always move it from side to side while in use. Minimal ice buildup can be removed with a hairdryer or steamer, but significant chunks of ice require thawing out. Overstuffing or ice buildup account for 95% of freezer problems, and the remaining 5% might indicate a defective freezer that needs repair.
  • 00:10:00 In this section, the video wraps up with some final comments and reminders to check out other videos and articles on their website, The viewers are encouraged to like and subscribe to the channel and to leave comments with any soundproofing questions they may have.

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