Summary of BTC最强月线收盘, 周线马上也收盘了, 下周会直接开始冲吗? 2023年4月2日 BTC 比特币技术分析

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The monthly chart of Bitcoin has closed, indicating a significant milestone in the bull market correction, while the weekly chart is desirable with two side-by-side Doji candles. The video emphasizes the importance of watching weekly, daily, and hourly charts for market signals, focusing on the EMA120 line's correction of the bull market. The speaker advised against buying before a resistance point breakthrough to increase the chances of profit and suggested ignoring economic data outside of the market. He encouraged viewers to wait for a potential breakthrough before making any buying decisions in the coming week.

  • 00:00:00 In this section, we learn that Bitcoin's monthly chart has closed, achieving a good-looking pattern at around 28,450, which is a significant milestone in the big cycle bull market correction. The weekly chart is desirable, with two side-by-side Doji candles, and the closing date would be tomorrow at 8 am Beijing time. The video discusses signals from the monthly, weekly, daily, and hourly charts, focusing on the importance of the EMA120 line on the monthly chart, indicating the correction of the bull market. The candlestick pattern displays a breakthrough of resistance, forming a strong bullish trend. The speaker advises against only relying on the monthly chart and recommends watching weekly, daily, and hourly charts for signals to enter the market.
  • 00:05:00 In this section of the video, the speaker advised against buying bitcoin before it breaks through a resistance point. He explained that if it fails to break through, it could lead to further losses, whereas waiting for the breakthrough and buying in would increase the chances of profit. He also discussed the recent double-cross star on the weekly chart and suggested that the narrow sideways movement indicated no large market pullback. Additionally, he advised traders to ignore economic data outside the market and focus solely on trading decisions based on buying and selling behavior within the market. Finally, he encouraged viewers to wait for a potential breakthrough in the coming week before making any buying decisions.

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