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This YouTube video is a discussion of the strategy for the game "MAKE WAY FOR THE NEW KING." The player goes over the different characters and how to best use their abilities, as well as how to draft characters and fight in order to win.

  • 00:00:00 In this YouTube video, KRON, the new king, is introduced. His stats and abilities are described, and it is predicted that he will be a strong player.
  • 00:05:00 The video showcases a team of players fighting a guild battle against another team. The team is made up of six people, each with different abilities and skills. The team is able to win the battle, but one of their members, Cameron, dies in the process.
  • 00:10:00 In the video, Conor Wow triple crits, kills two enemies with a single attack, and then decides to go for a third. After killing River, he worries about the counterattack from the Mercedes, which he Thankfully avoids. He then uses his other two units to take down the remaining enemies.
  • 00:15:00 The video discusses how to defeat a powerful enemy, Gunther, and shows the team defeating him by using various skills and attacks.
  • 00:20:00 In the video, a player is explaining the new king in the game, Triple S. The player explains that while Triple S is good versus losers, he needs people to cleave him in order to work well. The player then chooses to attack a nearby loser and demonstrates how Triple S works well against them. The player then goes on to describe how to drop the cable on a different opponent, and how to choose a battle strategy.
  • 00:25:00 The video discusses how an opponent's lack of an area of effect (AOE) might be a problem for the protagonist's heroin, as the protagonist is not limited by the opponent's AOE. However, the opponent manages to provoke the protagonist, who then kills one of the opponent's idols.
  • 00:30:00 In the video, the protagonist explains that one of them has to have 15 percent of the votes to win the game, and they decide that one of them will be the "king" and the other will be the "solo." They then proceed to play a game where the king has to protect the solo from being killed, but the solo can't protect the king from being killed. The king is then killed, and the protagonist declares that they lost because the solo was not able to protect the king.
  • 00:35:00 The video showcases the epic seven: a group of soldiers who have the power to control the battlefield. One of the soldiers, a singer, is hit by another soldier with a game, and decides to slam the other unit in order to win.
  • 00:40:00 The video discusses the MAKE WAY FOR THE NEW KING game, in which players must draft characters and fight to survive. One player's draft goes poorly, and they lose three straight games. They reflect on how their draft could have been better, and discuss how they should have been able to deal with their losses.
  • 00:45:00 The video discusses how if Kieran calendar were in effect, the team would have won two championships. The commentator expresses his disapproval for a similar video being uploaded by the same person, which he calls "the same guy dude." He then goes on to say that he will deal with this himself and proceeds to disobey an order given to him by his opponent, choosing to skill Nally fire his team instead. He claims that this does not matter as he was going to default attack into Dilly bat and win anyway.
  • 00:50:00 The video discusses the strategy of a player in a card game, and how to best use their cards. The player discusses how to make way for the new king, and how to counter their opponents.
  • 00:55:00 The video discusses the identity of the new king, who is likely KRON, Triple S, or some other character. The new king desires to kill S1 and Wheels, but is confident that he will win.

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This YouTube video discusses how to use the new King unit in "Epic Seven." The King can break through enemy defenses and kill enemies with a KRON counter. The video provides tips on how to use the King effectively in order to win battles.

  • 01:00:00 The video is a tutorial on how to use the new King (S3) unit in "Epic Seven." The King can break through enemy defenses and kill enemies with a KRON counter.
  • 01:05:00 In the video, Karen conquers a KRON counter and kills what appears to be the player's unit. The counter then kills Karen, and the video ends with the player saying goodbye to Karen. Later, Karen conquers another KRON counter, and the player says goodbye to her again. The player then says that they have to go because they have other units to kill.
  • 01:10:00 The video discusses the advantages of picking Kiran over other players in a King of the Hill mode match, and then shows Kiran defeating an opponent with a smart move.
  • 01:15:00 The video discusses the move of the djp and how it effects the game. Kieron is asked to counter, but he is hesitant because he is worried about how his actions will effect the end game. He ultimately decides to first pick Kieron, who has been in the game for a while, and they proceed to try and counter the djp.
  • 01:20:00 The video discusses the game "MAKE WAY FOR THE NEW KING," in which the protagonist, Banning, loses to Ron. Ron, with double skill and a barrier, is able to win the game. Banning accuses Ron of cheating, but is later AFK when Ron selects this as his prediction.
  • 01:25:00 The video discusses how a player's luck in a game of "King of the Hill" does not matter, because the player can simply AFK and let their opponent take the turn. The player then demonstrates how this works by playing as the character K Ron and then AFK'ing to let his opponent take the turn.
  • 01:30:00 The video discusses how the new King, Kiron, is a powerful player in the game and how he can easily defeat his opponents. However, one of the King's opponents, Ed, is a very skilled player and Kiron cannot defeat him without help. The video then goes on to explain that one of the King's allies, DJ, is also a skilled player and can help him defeat Ed.
  • 01:35:00 In the video, the protagonist explains that they are used to the constant fighting because nothing ever seems to go their way. However, they are surprised when their opponent's strategy switches and they are now up against a much tougher opponent. The protagonist's heroics are finally rewarded when they kill their opponent's main hero and win the game.
  • 01:40:00 The video discusses the various statuses of foreign players in "King of the Hill." The main focus is on how foreign players are now normal, after previously being considered "weird." One player, who goes by the name of "Wooden Racer," has a winning streak and is proud of it. However, another player, who goes by the name of " ignores resist ," is determined to end this streak. The video ends with the two players fighting each other.
  • 01:45:00 The YouTube video discusses how to kill specific enemies in the game, and suggests using the space angle to stun them.
  • 01:50:00 The video discusses how to win a battle, and recommends using a shoe to counter an opponent's camera.
  • 01:55:00 The video discusses how the new king, Kiran, can win even if the other players are unfortunately very good at the game. Kiran manages to kill one of the other players, Benny, and wins the game.

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This video is about a player who is very good at a video game called Seven. He is challenged to a final game by another player who is also very good, and if he wins, he will be the new king. The video discusses different strategies that can be used in the game, and how to beat the latest challenger.

  • 02:00:00 The video shows a player playing a game of Seven against another player. The first player opens with a counter unit, and then follows up with Clearfield. The other player then loses because their ball is too fast.
  • 02:05:00 This YouTube video is about a player who is known as "Orange" and is very good at a video game. He plays against other players in a competition and wins every time. He is then challenged to a final game by another player who is also very good. If Orange wins, he will be the new king of the game. However, if he loses, the other player will be the new king.
  • 02:10:00 The video discusses the different strategies that can be used in a Seven-player Battle Royale game. One strategy is to focus on killing the opposing team's main character, while another is to draft a unit that can counter the opponent's strongest unit.
  • 02:15:00 The video discusses a situation in which a player has five units with 20,000 health each and wants more help to beat an opponent with a high score. The player states that they hate booster players because they want more, and they explain that they need more help to win. The player explains that they can't win the game without a counterattack, and they lose because they can't kill the opponent's unit with the highest health.
  • 02:20:00 A player is trying to figure out what unit to move in a game, but is frustrated because their Bluetooth connection is dropping the unit's HP. They eventually decide to go with a unit that has low HP and is not countered by the opponent, but they are not sure if they are safe.
  • 02:25:00 The video discusses how to play Pokemon GO, with emphasis on the importance of evasion. It then goes on to talk about how to beat the latest challenger, who is much harder than the others. The video ends with a giveaway, in which the viewers are asked to guess what the video is about.
  • 02:30:00 The video discusses the greediness of some players in a video game, and how the protagonist plans to punish them.
  • 02:35:00 The video is a live stream of an E7 game. One of the players is Jenna, and she is later replaced by E7. The players are asked to choose between watching E7 stream or continuing to watch themselves. E7 reveals that the artifact that gives her attack is the free artifact, and the player finds this out. Apex later broadcasts all the games together.

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