Summary of Ben Shapiro BLOWS UP the Glass Onion: Movie Review

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Ben Shapiro panned the film "Glass Onion" for its poor writing and plot holes. He also criticized Netflix for paying Ryan Johnson 100 million dollars for the series "Knives Out."

  • 00:00:00 Glass Onion is a dumb, poorly plotted mystery with plot holes and confusing plot points. Daniel Craig is supposed to be the world's greatest detective, but he proves to be ineffective in solving the mystery. Benoit Blanc, a friend of Andy, is brought on the island to help solve the murder. Mouse Brawn is in an ongoing lawsuit with Andy, and her death is ruled a suicide. However, her system test shows she took a large dose of sleeping pills and then gassed herself. The police investigate and find evidence that Andy was murdered, but they are unable to solve the mystery.
  • 00:05:00 Ben Shapiro reviews "Glass Onion," noting that there are numerous plot holes and that the writing is poor. He concludes that the film is a "huge fail," and recommends that viewers use a VPN and protect their online privacy.
  • 00:10:00 Ben Shapiro criticizes the film "The Prestige" for its poor writing and plot. He points out that the murderer is an idiot, and the entire plot is based on guesswork. He also criticizes Netflix for paying Ryan Johnson 100 million dollars for the series "Knives Out."

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