Summary of INTA EEA - Paraná. Laboratorio de calidad de cereales y oleaginosas

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The Inta EEA Laboratory in Paraná, Argentina specializes in quality research for cereals and oilseeds. The main purpose of the laboratory is to provide information and data regarding the quality of cereals. The Inta EEA Laboratory works with the department of Genetics and Biotechnology to improve wheat and soy, as well as with other local and national projects. Current projects include characterizing gluten subunits, proteins, and moisture levels, as well as ash activity and gluten analysis.

  • 00:00:00 The Inta EEA Laboratory in Paraná, Argentina, specializes in quality cereal and oilseed research. Their main purpose is to provide information on cereal quality in the laboratory. The Inta EEA belongs to the Genetics and Biotechnology Department and specializes in wheat and soy improvement and biotechnology. They also work with other department on projects such as local and national research lines. One current project is characterizing gluten subunits by electroforesis and high-molecular-weight proteins by NIRS. They are also working on protein moisture and ash activity, cereal cenizas analysis, and gluten analysis by monoclonal antibody.

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