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In this video, Pastor Jorge Campos provides a lesson on how to be like a child in order to be saved. He challenges listeners to practice being like children at home, and then asks them to sing a cheerful song about being like children. Later in the video, he discusses how to pass on the child-like perspective to children. Finally, he encourages listeners to ask questions in order to get clarification on the material.

  • 00:00:00 In this second session of "The Best Gift is Jesus" program, pastor Jorge Campos Amén begins the morning prayers by inviting everyone to join him in singing "The Heart Happy." Afterwards, he introduces his teacher, pastor Jorge Campos, and asks if any requests can be made today. Then, he turns to his brother, pastor Penal Penal, and invites him to join the session later. Next, he introduces his professor, pastor Jorge Campos. Pastor Jorge Campos discusses how to live a good life according to God's will and how to receive His gifts. Next, everyone joins in singing "The Heart Happy" and then sings "The Happy Heart" together. Afterwards, pastor Penal joins the class and everyone sings "Jesus Loves Me" together. Finally, pastor Jorge Campos leads a prayer for the day. Everyone is encouraged to put their hearts into God and to live for Him joyfully. Then, they join in singing "The Happy Heart" one more time. Everyone is encouraged to put their hearts into Jesus and to have a happy heart.
  • 00:05:00 In this video, the speaker shares how a cheerful heart can be a good remedy for a sad one. She also talks about the spirit, which can cleanse the bones but a cheerful heart is the joy of the Lord. The speaker invites listeners to make their own joyful arrangements, whether at home or in church. She also invites them to impact others with their positive spirit. Finally, she shares a new surprise, and invites listeners to check it out.
  • 00:10:00 In this video, Pastor shares how to welcome children at a camp, and reminds parents to bring a gift for their children. He also shares that there will be only two minutes of prayer before the children are allowed to open their gifts. Children are shown entering the camp with excitement and happiness, and Pastor encourages them to sing along with the song, "Regalín, regalín, aquí está." Once all of the children are present, Pastor begins the presentation by introducing himself and his team. He then shares that there will only be two minutes of prayer before the camp begins. Pastor goes on to say that the prayer will be followed by a short presentation on how to make a toy Bible, and after that, it's time for the children to open their gifts. Each child is given a gift, and when it's Pastor's turn, he brings out a large sandal box. He opens it to reveal a set of three toy pianos, and tells the children that he will play one for them. The children are delighted and begin to sing along with Pastor as he plays. He then thanks the children for coming and tells them to stay until lunchtime. The children are excited to see their presents again,
  • 00:15:00 Four to five male vocalists come to a campfire to sing Christmas carols to a group of children. The singers explain that each of the gifts they are bringing is from God. One of the singers, Ana, brings a gift from her father. The other singers explain their gifts, which include life-saving gifts and eternal gifts. The singers then sing a Christmas song without any music, before teaching the children the lyrics and accompanying dance. The children are excited to hear the singers, and they sing along with the vocalists as they perform the first song. The vocalists then explain the lyrics to the second song, and the children join in with them. The singers then sing the third song with music, and the children enjoy singing and dancing along. The singers then finish their performance by giving the children a gift of music.
  • 00:20:00 In this video, the best gift is Jesus - Session 2, the children sing a special gift with Jesus as their centerpiece. They sing the song "Gloria to God" with family, friends, and children alike. Today is Christmas, and this is a good time to sing. Let's all join together to sing! Today is a good day to be Christmas. Let's all sing together Ok. This is probably the choreography most or less, but that would be the first song. Now the singers repeat it once more with the children. Yes, they learned it well. Then, the singers sing it once more for the children. Ten to twelve minutes is the time for the singers to sing the song, explaining everything and singing the ten to twelve minute songs. Now, I will ask the children what they would like me to add to this first hour. Some raise their hands. The teachers go to one side and begin to read from their manual, letting the children listen carefully. My sister Jennifer will be the second part of this class, and another person will be the third. Who among you has the manual? Anyone raise their hand. My brother Reyes has it too. Let's go first with my sister Jennifer. She starts to read from her
  • 00:25:00 In this video, a profe
  • 00:30:00 In this video, a teacher discusses the importance of skepticism in regards to receiving gifts. He encourages students to ask questions and be skeptical of what they are told. After presenting a song about doubts, the teacher introduces a dialogue between students and himself. In the dialogue, students express their doubts about some of the teacher's teachings.
  • 00:35:00 The video introduces a game where children are told not to believe what adults are telling them. The children are then shown a teacher and a gift, and are asked to guess which one is from the teacher and which one is from the gift. The children eventually realize that the teacher is saying the same thing to both, but they are still doubtful. The video then introduces a new game where the children are asked to think of something they doubt. This game is used to introduce doubt into the children's minds, and to help them learn to think for themselves.
  • 00:40:00 The video discusses the best gift, and Jesus Christ, with a teacher, Manu. The teacher says that the best gift is Jesus Christ, and she shows a verse from the manual. Another brother and sister raise their hands and say, "I see Beatriz," as the teacher continues reading. Now, from the garden: "Always friends will come to ask questions, and there it says, 'From giving to presenting the teacher.'" The teacher hands out gifts. First, the teacher hands out her hand, and then her brother hands in his. The teacher says, "Hola, maestra," and the students say, "Hola, maestra." The teacher then says, "Hola, hermanito," and the brother says, "Hola, hermanita." The teacher says, "Regalín, regalín," and the brother says, "Hola, maestra Manu." The teacher then says, "You, maestra," and the brother says, "Me, maestra." The teacher says, "From here, the instruction begins." The teacher goes to her brother and says, "Hello, children. How are you?" If the students don't hear her well,
  • 00:45:00 In this video, a Spanish-speaking instructor discusses the importance of taking breaks during lessons and offers advice for ensuring that children stay focused on the main purpose of the class. He also discusses the use of music in class and offers suggestions for incorporating it into the curriculum in a way that is both effective and fun for students.
  • 00:50:00 In this video, a pastor talks about the importance of having a good attitude in order to make an impact with children. He also mentions the need for good personnel in order to facilitate the manual labor at the camp. One question asks whether there are groups of people responsible for each activity, and another asks about the importance of having a team for assisting the teacher. Lastly, a child's question about doubts is answered.
  • 00:55:00 In this video, pastor Jorge Campos provides a lesson on how to be like a child in order to be saved. He challenges listeners to practice being like children at home, and then asks them to sing a cheerful song about being like children. Later in the video, he discusses how to pass on the child-like perspective to children. Finally, he encourages listeners to ask questions in order to get clarification on the material.

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This video features a prayer session for service workers, highlighting the importance of giving the best gift of all - Jesus. The video stresses the importance of selfless service and love, and how these things can change the world for the better.

  • 01:00:00 This video is a prayer session for service workers. It is followed by a summary of the main points.

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