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The YouTube channel "Matter Is Here, Finally!" discusses recent developments in the world of home automation. They mention new products from Google, Amazon, Philips, and Yale, as well as the discontinuation of the MyQ Chamberlain hub. They speculate on the implications of these developments for the future of the industry.

  • 00:00:00 Matter is the standard for smart homes, and it is backed by many of the smart home companies you use today. Matter version 1.0 was released on GitHub on September 30th, and public announcements about it have been made by the CSA (Consumer Smart Appliance Association) on October 4th. The basic settings for matter have shown up in some Apple developer OS devices and in some us-based Google account settings. The Ikea diridjera Hub is a matter controller with zigbee and thread, and it is now slated for release in some countries in November. Google, Apple, Amazon, and Samsung have all released developer apis for working with their systems with matter. The Yale assure lock 2 was announced with a matter add-on module being released when the standard comes out. Eve had a demonstration of control using matter with Apple, Google, Amazon, and Samsung SmartThings at the IFA conference in Berlin. Within that demonstration, Eve accidentally confirmed something really huge for those of you using Samsung SmartThings: that the SmartThings V3 and aotech hubs are being tested to work with thread. The dates for the official end of The Groovy platform have been given to us by Samsung. Google has had a hardware event, and I
  • 00:05:00 The Matter is Here, Finally! YouTube channel reviews new features and improvements to Google Home and Nest products. New Quick Phrases feature allows users to control Nest and other devices without saying the Wake words. Hugh provides examples of how quick phrases can be used to control 3D printer, ACara button, and other devices in home. This month, Matter creator invites members to join them in supporting automate your life.
  • 00:10:00 In this video, the host talks about some of the new products that have come out in the past month. They include the twinkly's squares 250 dollar U.S. product, Philips Hue's shorter light strips for monitors, the light Guide Series leaked by Philips, the new Yale assure lock 2 with both a touch screen and keypad version, Google's Chromecast with Google HD, Lutron's diva smart dimmer, and claro Smart Switch. Finally, the host talks about how Amazon is doing another Prime day.
  • 00:15:00 In this video, the narrator discusses the discontinuation of a certain home automation hub, the MyQ Chamberlain, and how it may be related to the overall decline in consumer interest in home automation. He also mentions the new hardware releases from Amazon and Google, and how they may have different implications for the industry.

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