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The video discusses how the recent referendum in Wisconsin regarding national health insurance passed by a slim margin, despite the fact that the state's Republican senator, Ron Johnson, won reelection by a much wider margin. The video goes on to say that this lack of a viable health insurance solution on the part of the Republicans will continue to be a problem for the party in the years to come.

  • 00:00:00 In Wisconsin, a swing district, voters approved a referendum asking if the federal government should fund a non-profit national health insurance program. The state's Republican senator, Ron Johnson, won reelection with a 14-point margin, despite the fact that the referendum passed by 51.49% to 36.11% over Democratic governor Tony Evers, who was also re-elected Statewide. John Calabrese, a Dunn County board supervisor, told the interviewer that the toll health insurance takes on the county budget helped persuade his fellow board members to allow the referendum to go forward. The county has roughly 350 employees and spends 50% of its budget on Behavioral Health Services, which is higher than the national average. Emily after I wrote about this referendum for The Intercept, you responded by saying that Republicans lack a workable health insurance policy solutions will handicap the GOP for years to come.
  • 00:05:00 The video discusses how Universal Healthcare Outperforms Democrats in Swing Districts, and how becoming a premium subscriber will help keep the channel independent and working only for the viewers.

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