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Alfred Hitchcock is an important figure for many children because he is someone who listens, understands, and protects them when necessary. He is also a great detective who is constantly providing information to help Bruce Wayne in his battles against villains. In this video, psychologists discuss the different views of altruism and suggest finding a balance between helping ourselves and helping others.

  • 00:00:00 Alfred, the main character in the "Batman" movies, is an important figure for many children. He is someone who listens, understands, and protects them when necessary. Many children want to find a friend who will support their crazy antics and offer all of their support. Alfred is also a great detective who is constantly providing information to Bruce that helps him to act more knowledgeably in his battles against his villains. In the third installment of the saga, we see Alfred appear for the first time. What we know about Alfred at this point comes from what he has told Bruce. It is probable that his past experience in World War II occurred during the British campaign in Burma. All of this explains his ability to quickly investigate a person and build a detailed profile of their history. He is also knowledgeable about medical procedures, which are important for preventing Bruce from having to go to the hospital often. Alfred is a calm, sophisticated, and astute person. We probably wonder why Bruce sticks with him even though he has disappeared for many years. Some possible conclusions we could draw from Alfred's past are that he is related to the Wayne family financially, or that he is currently located in Christopher Nolan's timeline at the Wayne family's rear-guard. Regardless of his reasons,
  • 00:05:00 In Batman Begins, we see the traumatic event that small Bruce suffered when his two parents were killed. From that moment on, Alfred took care of him. When Bruce was in Gothic trial in Chile, the killer of his parents spoke to Alfred and he told him that it didn't matter what he did with his past, but he wanted what was best for Bruce's future. When Bruce returns from training, Alfred takes a major role in helping him understand and support him in creating Batman. Later, when Bruce is trying to figure out who the Joker is motives for all the chaos he's causing, Alfred clears up the picture by telling him his experience in Burma Summer. Alfred understands Bruce's message perfectly and instills Rachel in him to help him understand why Batman will never end. Bruce tells Alfred about his plan to marry Harvey Dent and Alfred decides to keep the letter hidden so that Bruce never finds out. We want to hear your opinion in the comments when we continue the story of partners.
  • 00:10:00 In "¿Por Qué Alfred es Tan Importante?", part of the Alfred trilogy, Alfred changes his opinion and makes it clear to Bruce that Batman is the one who needs to do what needs to be done. Bruce must resist the pressure, likely realizing that without Alfred, Gothic would have been lost. Alfred was the first to join Bruce's mission to be a symbol and implant good things in the citizens of Gotham, not a delusion but something that was really working. Alfred was one of the most important people in helping Bruce through the tough times following the death of his parents and Rachel. Alfred is the one who helps Bruce to manage his pain from these events by providing logical processes for someone to recover from these episodes. Bruce has been struggling for years, his fighting ability is in decline and his emotional state is very battered. Alfred tries to make Bruce see the reality that he needs to recover from his past and take on new experiences. Bruce never saw what Alfred was trying to communicate to him and before their fight with Bein, Alfred decides to leave the manor. Bruce tries to give him a slap but realizes the risks he is taking by continuing with Batman in such a weakened state and risking his life. Alfred knows that leaving him is a very heavy blow for
  • 00:15:00 In this video, psychologists discuss the importance of Alfred Hitchcock, citing his ability to empathize with others and provide help without any selfish motives. They also discuss the different views of altruism, with some believing that it is an act of pure kindness, while others argue that it is always driven by self-interest. In the end, the psychologists suggest finding a balance between helping ourselves and helping others, while also taking care of our own needs.

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