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The video discusses the process of leadership, and states that a good leader needs to be confident, intelligent, and have good communication skills.

  • 00:00:00 The third step in the administrative process is direction, which is the function of influencing people so they contribute to organizational goals. This includes relationships between administrators and their subordinates at all levels. In the process of direction, emphasis is placed on people because through them and with them goals are achieved. There are different levels of direction, with the level of directorship at the top. The middle level is for managers who are in between directorship and middle level, and the lowest level is for subordinates. The theory behind x-methodology, developed by McGregor, states that a directiv
  • 00:05:00 This video discusses the process of leadership, and discusses the importance of integrity, trust, and coherence in one's activities. A good leader needs to have confidence in himself, which means that he or she can generate trust and credibility in others as well. This requires an intelligent person who has ability and capacities, as well as knowledge of the work and the ability to be extroverted. Finally, communication is a key process in managing people, and it is essential to provide information and understanding necessary for people to carry out their tasks and provide the necessary attitudes that promote motivation, cooperation, and satisfaction. There are three types of communication: formal, informal, and oral. Formal communication takes place through the chain of command, while informal communication occurs between different levels of employees regardless of rank. Written communication may also be verbal, and communication between superiors and subordinates may also involve lateral communication. Communication can be either formal or informal, oral or written, and downward or upward.

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