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This YouTube video discusses the Spanish translation of the Matrix, which is a film about a group of people who are fighting against an evil force. The video explains that the original film was a battle, an accident, and that their attack ended. We then did a recon mission to find them again.

  • 00:00:00 The video discusses the Spanish language version of the "Matrix" movie, which is called "Recortado." The narrator explains that there has been a lot of surveillance activity in the area, and that two members of the crew of his ship have volunteered to become "centinelas" - people who will be stationed outside the perimeter of the ship in order to watch for intruders. The narrator also requests that one of the ships remain stationed near the ship, in case it's needed in the future. He explains that he doesn't care about the specifics of the situation, and that Louis (the strange writing on the wall) is "bien más que bien" - better than good. The narrator then says that they will not proceed with their plan if Louis' writing remains the same.
  • 00:05:00 This Spanish-language video covers the importance of the Matrix Recargado, or "recharged" Matrix, and the sacrifices made by the soldiers in order to keep it operational. The narrator claims that the Matrix is destiny only because of you, and that you found me. I told you that you found me. However, command was not aware that I was not actually required. An explanation was ordered for my return, and I did so. We need a presence in the Matrix to await contact from the oracle named Identity and to do so, I need soldiers who obey with all respect to the commander. Not everyone believes what you believe, and this is why some people are scared. The ships have returned, and there are now three more than the Nabucco Donoso. Commandant has the prerogative to suspend the captain's position if it were my decision, and I agree. I feel like this is the end. I hope it is. I believe that there are people who will never receive this good news, so I will try. I have a daughter in ica. Now we have to do this together. 1, 2, 3. The same thing goes for here 2. The ships have returned two more times than
  • 00:10:00 The video discusses how people spend their early years, and how it's a good sign that they'll continue to do so in the night. It's impressive to watch, and no one seems to be interested in it as long as it works. I like these machines because they keep us alive while other machines come to kill us. We have the same power, but sometimes people think we're connected to them and we have control. The opposite is actually true - we're just machines that need air and they need us. That's why there are no young people on the board, there are so many in this world who don't understand. I have no idea how they work, but I understand the reason for it. But I also believe there's a reason for it to do it.
  • 00:15:00 The video discusses the importance of making copies of programs that come with pressure, because one program may be removed and cause problems. The protagonist explains that something bad is happening, and that he is now in a tournament. He sees a demo like the one he used to see when he was an agent, and he has to decide if Trinity lives or dies. He will not do it, and if he cannot, what will happen to Cifra? The protagonist is gay, and now there are more of them. He does not know what the man was doing, but he believes that if what he felt was true, they are tunneling to avoid our system. He believes that we will be intercepted and that we will not survive. The captain of the Logos is going to answer the request of the council. The protagonist may not see it, but another option is that he will.
  • 00:20:00 The YouTube video features Woody Buzz, a redactor for Spanish-language Matrix videos, who discusses how some people believe that the Matrix is a bad thing. However, Buzz argues that it actually seems like everything in the apartment is wired successfully. Woody Buzz then interviews the Chosen One, a groover who is known for his foul language, about the Matrix. The Chosen One reveals that he knows the reason why people are in the Matrix and why the cerrrajero ( locksmith) is chosen to keep the illusion alive. However, he says that this is only a pretense and everyone will eventually be enslaved by it. Finally, Buzz shares his name and says that he is the Savior. He says that there is no reason for what happened, and that it can only be explained by the power dynamics between those with power and those who don't have it. He says that this is why women are subjected to such abuse, and that men like himself have to fight every day. He says that this is why the Matrix is a game, and that women are just like men in this regard. Buzz ends the video by saying that you must give him something to remember him by, and that he wants to forget everything.
  • 00:25:00 This Spanish-language video features Matrix Recargado Español Latino, a remix of the Matrix Reloaded scene where Trinity and Leo are rescued by Nairobi. The operators discuss the scene and its importance, and then show off some of the useful items they found in the recarga. The video finishes with a celebration of life.
  • 00:30:00 The video discusses the Spanish language version of the "Matrix Recargado" game, which is a maze game with a randomly generated level. The player has to shoot down enemy drones while dodging obstacles and obstacles. If the player dies, they are restarted at the beginning of the level. The game has a "sistema de emergencia" which provides energy in case of a power outage. The player has less than five minutes to finish the level, and the game ends if the player fails to reach the exit. The game is designed by the architect who created the "Matrix".
  • 00:35:00 The video discusses the idea of recargado, or "recharged," Spanish, which is a variation of the language that is closer to the original Spanish. The speaker explains that the language is imperfect and that as a result, he has been unable to eliminate errors from his work. He goes on to say that one of his responses has uncovered the father of the language, and that she, without a doubt, would be its mother. The speaker then enters the matrix to save his life at the cost of the other subjects', revealing the anomaly as the principle and end. However, it is not easy to hear this, and it may be difficult to believe. Ultimately, the speaker predicts the demise of hope and the eventual return of the same thing.
  • 00:40:00 The video discusses the Spanish translation of the Matrix. It explains that the original film was a battle, an accident, and that their attack ended. We then did a recon mission to find them again.

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