Summary of Access: Getting Started

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This video covers the basics of Microsoft Access, including the different areas of the screen, how to navigate through records, and how to use the Ribbon.

  • 00:00:00 Access is a popular database tool that is designed to be user-friendly. The main areas of the screen that you'll be working with are the toolbar, the Ribbon, and the Navigation pane. The Navigation pane provides a list of all the objects in the database, and you can use the Document Tabs bar to select which object you want to view. The Record Navigation bar allows you to navigate through the different records one at a time. The Ribbon is divided into groups and has a Quick Access Toolbar at the top. You can add commands to the Quick Access Toolbar by clicking the drop-down arrow. The File tab contains options for saving and opening databases and objects. The Navigation form is a special kind of form that appears automatically when you open the database. The tabs within the form allow you to easily navigate through the different objects in the database.

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