Summary of Magere Mahlzeit: Sebastian baut yfood einfach aus Milch nach l Lege packt aus

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In the YouTube video "Magere Mahlzeit: Sebastian baut yfood einfach aus Milch nach l Lege packt aus," Sebastian demonstrates how to make a milk-based meal simply and cheaply. He adds various powders and supplements to milk in order to create a balanced meal that is supposed to provide five hours of satiety. Though the taste is not as strong as some would like, Sebastian insists that his food is the real deal.

  • 00:00:00 Sebastian builds a yfood from milk, using only what the body needs. He has doubts about some of the ingredients in commercial food, but finds that most of it is not healthy. He saves cooking by drinking a shake in the morning, and has all he needs, but this can't be healthy. Between 6 Euros and nearly 20 Euros per liter, it costs to drink a liter of food. There are 26 vitamins and minerals, protein, and other nutrients in a "Planydrink." The manufacturer prints general nutrition tips on the package in case someone wants to eat a varied and balanced diet. Sebastian mixes water, soya protein, and ground Hafer in a blender and drinks the result with a "nutri score" of good ingredients, including vitamins, minerals, and oil. Raps and sunflower oil are added to the mixture, and the drink has a slightly dark, though good, taste. Some nutritionists say that we should go to the fridge for a drink, put an overcoat on, and be ready to go. Sebastian's yfood has a high nutri score and is the foundation for a balanced meal. Fats are an essential food for the body, and we need them to
  • 00:05:00 Sebastian demonstrates how to make a milk-based meal simply by packing it into a container and using a sealant. This meal is important for the food industry, as the vitamin powders come from the lab and cost only a few cents each. There is also a water-soluble vitamin powder, which is added to the list. There are also mineral supplements, which are essential for a healthy meal. The meal promotes protein, vitamins, and minerals. It is supposed to provide five hours of satiety, which is why Sebastian also adds dietary fiber and ballaststoffs. Maltodextrin, a sugar, is also an essential ingredient for the industria, as it helps to stabilize the blood sugar levels. Finally, aroma ingredients such as sugar, chocolate, and vanilla can also be included. Sebastian recommends that consumers try the meal for free by signing up for a subscription. The meal has many cheap ingredients and a muffled taste due to a lack of real fruit flavors. Advertising with artificial sweeteners is a green way to achieve a high score on the nutriment scale. This way, products with a high sugar content can be marketed as "healthy" without being labelled as such.
  • 00:10:00 Sebastian builds a milk-based food and claims it tastes just like the real thing. He is met with skepticism, but he is adamant that his food is the real deal.

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