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Iran is facing an uphill battle in the World Cup, as they are up against some tough competition in Group B. With star player asmoon likely limited by an injury, the team will have to rely on Medi tarimi and Maddie turemi to carry them. Iran is likely to finish in last place in Group B.

  • 00:00:00 In this video, we continue our World Cup preview series with Iran, the pot 3 team in Group B. Iran is in the news due to human rights activists petitioning FIFA for them to be kicked out of the World Cup. However, based off what we know about FIFA, I don't think that will actually happen. Iran qualified for the World Cup in Asia, which is notoriously difficult, by finishing first in a group of five. Iran has never gotten out of the group stage in their six World Cup appearances, and their most recent Continental competition was a semi-final appearance in the 2019 Asian Cup. Iran is relatively dependent on their domestic league, and their most notable players usually play in Europe rather than their own continent. Iran is led by striker Raquado and midfielder Meddy to Remy. If starter as Moon is unavailable for the World Cup, Iran will have to rely on Remy and Meddy to carry the team.
  • 00:05:00 The Iranian team is facing tough competition in Group B of the World Cup, but with asmoon likely limited by his injury, Medi tarimi has to score multiple goals in order to advance. Maddie turemi is the type of player that can change that for Iran, and this is pulled from a recent friendly. Iran is likely to finish in last place in Group B.

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