Summary of [정시 지원 가이드 기초편] 앞으로 정시를 생각하는 학생 & 학부모에게 기본으로 챙겨야 할 것들이 무엇인지 말씀드립니다 (가나다군, 상향, 적정, 안정) [입시이야기]

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The speaker in this subsection of the video discusses various factors that students and parents need to consider during the regular application period and college entrance exam season. For the application process, they emphasize the importance of understanding the concept of groups or "gu" and selecting the appropriate strategies based on the admission criteria and strategies of different universities. They also highlight the significance of finding the "appropriate" or "optimal" university to apply to. Regarding the college entrance exam, the speaker advises students to determine their priorities, carefully check admission requirements, reflection ratios, and placement tables, and make informed decisions based on upward movement, stability, and suitability. Overall, the speaker emphasizes the need for strategic planning and decision-making to increase the chances of success in the college application process and entrance exam.

  • 00:00:00 In this section, the speaker discusses what students and parents should consider during the regular application period for college admissions. They explain that the application process is typically done online through a designated agency, such as Jinhaksah or YeoFLY. The speaker also mentions that students need to understand the concept of different groups or "gu" in the application process, as certain schools within the same group cannot be applied to together. They emphasize the importance of strategic planning based on the groupings, as different universities have different admission criteria and strategies. The speaker further explains that there are different strategies for liberal arts and science majors, with liberal arts majors having fewer options for strategic selection. They also mention the significance of finding the "appropriate" or the "optimal" university to apply to, as well as the option of applying to higher-ranked universities. Overall, understanding the concept of groups, selecting the right strategies, and considering the appropriate universities are crucial during the regular application period.
  • 00:05:00 In this section, the speaker discusses the importance of determining one's priorities during the college entrance exam season. They explain that it is crucial to consider factors such as the possible placement in the exam period and the perspective taken by different consultants when creating a placement cut for a school. The speaker emphasizes the need to have a list of schools that the student can apply to, knowledge of the weightage given to each subject in the school's selection process, and an understanding of the changes in the previous year's exam results. They also mention that there may be changes in the reflection ratios and subject percentages for certain schools, which can greatly impact the final exam results. The speaker advises thoroughly checking the admission requirements, reflecting ratios, and placement tables of the universities to make informed decisions and set appropriate goals.
  • 00:10:00 In this section, the speaker emphasizes the importance of making decisions in advance for the college entrance exam and highlights the need to consider factors such as upward movement, stability, and suitability based on individual preferences. They mention that when choosing upward movement, it is essential to look at previous data and schools that have shown positive reactions in order to determine which schools to apply to. On the other hand, if stability is the priority, the speaker recommends selecting schools that consistently perform well. They also discuss how to use a chart to determine the appropriate and safe range of schools to apply to. Overall, the speaker advises parents and students to carefully consider these factors and make strategic decisions for the college entrance exam.

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