Summary of Vídeo Tutorial HI 98193 Medidor portátil Impermeable de Oxigeno Disuelto y DBO

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This video tutorial provides step-by-step instructions on how to use the portable oxygen meter HI 98193. It covers how to calibrate the sensor, how to take a reading, and how to store data. The tutorial also includes information on how to delete data and how to clean the machine.

  • 00:00:00 This video tutorial shows how to use a portable oxygen monitor, which measures oxygen levels dissolved in water and free. The equipment includes a meter, polar or graphic oxygen sensor, cable for connection to a PC, standard solutions of oxygen (H2 and 70% 40), and electrolitic solution (H2 and 70% 41). Two membranes with packages are then installed. The first step is to remove the protective cover from the sensor. Next, we remove the protective cover from the sensor membrane. We then fill the membrane with electrolitic solution and shake it gently to eliminate bubbles. We then attach one of the packages to the membrane. We gently hit a flat surface with the goal of eliminating bubbles. Finally, we roll the membrane up and secure it with the band. We then install the protective cover. We then adjust the sensor, and connect it to the meter. We turn on the meter and adjust the sensitivity. We then click on the "Setup" button to begin the calibration process. We click on the "Calibrate" button to begin the sensor's calibration. We then click on the "Illuminate" button to turn on the monitor. We then click on the "Setup" button to return to the main menu. We click on the
  • 00:05:00 This video tutorial shows how to use the portable oxygen-disposal meter, HI 98193. The functions include automatic data deletion, pressure measurement, atmospheric pressure measurement, unit selection, screen illumination, and dance mode. The video also covers the timer and screen brightness settings, date and time selection, format of date and time, pressure setting, and calibration. Finally, the tutorial shows how to enter calibration data and how to perform a data measurement.
  • 00:10:00 This video tutorial shows how to perform an oxygen dissolved blood analysis using a portable oxygen meter. First, the equipment is turned on and the sensor is calibrated. Then, water is distilled and mixed with the sample of interest. The meter is agitated and then pressed the auto hold button. The message "waits" intermittently appears on the screen. When the reading is stable, the message "job" is displayed. If you want to store the reading, press the lock button to see the data. Then, press the r button to enter the memory. You can see all data on the machine by accessing the reading date and time, as well as deleting one data by all. Finally, the machine is cleaned with a soft cloth.

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