Summary of Blind Quest The Frost Demon Part 6 Things are not as They Seem

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In this video, the player is guided through a series of tasks in order to reach the Demon's Den and defeat the Shadow. Along the way, they find and explore different dungeons, fight a variety of enemies, and discover that the queen is actually evil. They eventually reach the Crossroads Temple, where they save the game and are able to reach the entrance to the red cave. Inside the cave, they find a crystal alcove and are able to reach the mole. However, the mole is empty and the protagonist is alerted to the fact that Hell Hunter 2 is coming out. The video ends with the protagonist discussing how, if he had taken the time to explore all the maps in games, he may have found more bosses.

  • 00:00:00 In this video, the player learns how to find and fight the Frost Demon, and reveals that the game is almost over. They also save the game and examine gold, gray sky, and gecko. They then go to the slopes of the Crystal Mountain and save the game again. They reach the glass cubes and rotate ruby, and then go to the icy glass room. There, they find the portal that will take them back out. As they are not going to worry about it, they go to the glass queue and find the eye Ruby door. They reach the mirror room and find opal. Finally, they find a totem carved from opal.
  • 00:05:00 Nathan explores a maze, finds a heavy metal Crystal Door, and then is stopped by a skeleton. He realizes that someone has been stuck in the maze for a long time, and is relieved it's not an actual maze. He finds a Dragon helmet, a bag of coins, and Burns on the floor.
  • 00:10:00 In this video, Nathan explores the seemingly abandoned Demon's Den and comes across several frozen warriors. After defeating Killian, Nathan discovers the true goal of the game - to reach the Demon's Den and defeat the Shadow.
  • 00:15:00 In this video, Nathan encounters a skeleton in a diamond door, and is curious enough to go ahead and explore. The skeleton leads Nathan to a demon's den, where he is quickly attacked. Nathan is defeated and the video ends. After pressing a key, Nathan is transported to a different location. In this new location, he finds an ice palace, a blood Ruby door, and a Glock. Nathan then reaches a krakiliest killius, which is white on one side. The battle begins, and Nathan is quickly attacked. He uses his skills and defenses to stay alive and learn about the enemy's moves. He eventually suffers attack and is defeated. After the battle, Nathan heals and heads to the next location.
  • 00:20:00 In this video, Nathan Gaines is blindfolded and told that things are not as they seem. He is then shown that he has suffered no damage and has even managed to kill the Frost Demon. He then gains experience points and level, and is instructed to continue the quest. Nathan enters the Demon's Den and stabs Killius in the chest with the Frost Slayer sword, causing steam to escape. The demon then reveals that there is another evil on the island, and without Killius's power, it will try to conquer it. Nathan is then directed to the Crystal Bridge, the Ice Palace, the Expansion of the Path, the Chris, the beginning of the Crystal Park, the Gray Mists, the Foggy Meadow, the entrance to the Misty, the Foggy Meadow, and the end of the giant Willow Tree. After reaching the Crossroad Temple, Nathan finds a wagon blocking the way to the desert and is directed to the Stone Circle to the Red Cave, the Square, and the circular Square of Willow City. He is also directed to the tree line of the Willow Field, the wide lowland, and the Circle of Life. Nathan then saves a wagon and is directed to the Crossroads Temple, the Tree Line of the Willow Field,
  • 00:25:00 In this video, the player progresses through the game by completing various tasks in different locations. Upon arriving at a save point, they find and explore a dungeon filled with different types of enemies. After defeating the boss, they find out that the queen is actually evil and wants to take over the island. Nathan decides to investigate the situation, and escapes from prison along the way. He then finds and defeats the queen's final boss, revealing her true motives.
  • 00:30:00 The protagonist enters the palace and is stopped by a guard, who tells him that he is not important enough to roam freely. The mercenary is not important enough either, so the protagonist proceeds to the throne room. There, he finds additional bosses and is then supposed to end the game. However, the protagonist finds that things are not as they seem, and he ventures further into the palace to find out more. He eventually arrives at the crossroads, where he is blocked by a wagon with a broken wheel. The protagonist is then able to reach the entrance to the red cave, where he finds a crystal Alcove. He is then able to reach the crossroads Temple, where he saves again. He then proceeds to the cracked cave, the mold crack, the mold, and the entrance to the dark. He is then able to reach the mole, where he finds limestone, alto marble, and a crystal alcove. He then enters the mole, where he finds that it is empty. He then gets alerts on his phone telling him that hellhunter 2 is coming out. He then decides to buy the game, despite his dislike for the previous maze in the game.
  • 00:35:00 The protagonist discusses how, if he had taken the time to explore all the maps in games, he may have found more bosses. The protagonist reflects on how, after beating Hell Hunter, he had the opportunity to fight extra bosses but found them to be unimportant.

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