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This person's experience on the deep web gives a glimpse into the dark side of the internet. They came across a chat room full of killers and one of them, "culture," threatened to call the police. The person made a mistake and typed in a phone number, and the site went black. The person never heard from the killer again, but the experience was still traumatizing.

  • 00:00:00 The author was using the deep web for research on a college project, when he stumbled upon a chat room full of killers. One of the killers, named "culture," threatened to call the police on the author if he reported the site. The author then made a mistake and typed in a phone number. The site went black, and the author never heard from the killer again.
  • 00:05:00 The person responsible for the video's events was a college student who was terrorized by an unknown assailant who gained remote access to their computer. The assailant made references to kidnapping and death, and warned the student of dire consequences if they did not activate a software program. The student refused to activate the program and the assailant left without incident.
  • 00:10:00 The video's narrator tells the story of someone who was stalked online, culminating in a live streaming murder of a child. The man behind the stalking was tracked and identified as someone known to the narrator - his former neighbor, John. John is seen in the video live streaming the murder of the child, and several viewers are cheering him on. The narrator attempts to exit the stream but is unsuccessful. In the chat box, viewers are typing in sickening things about the murder. The video ends with the child's body being found and the murderer being caught.
  • 00:15:00 This YouTube video shows a person's experience of being creeped out on the deep web. The person saw a name called "cultureo45" and typed it in, and after that the program closed on its own. The person's phone then went off several times, and when the person's mom texted back, the person realized that the livestream had been sent to all of the person's friends. The person told the police and they managed to explain the situation to the person's friends and family. The person's friends and family were supportive and the person got a new laptop and phone as a result. However, the person is still scared and paranoid because there are probably thousands of cultureo45s out there.

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