Summary of 【人工智能】微软 154 页论文7万字浓缩精华版 | 首次揭示 GPT-4 超能力 | 智能水平已非常接近人类水平 | 为何是通用人工智能 (AGI) 的早期版本

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The video discusses a 154-page paper by Microsoft researchers that suggests OpenAI's GPT-4 language model could be considered an early version of AGI. The team evaluated the model's performance based on a psychologically-based method and found that GPT-4 exceeded previous models in its ability to understand and connect seemingly unrelated topics. GPT-4 has five remaining abilities, including its programming, math, interaction with humans and the world, and discernment ability. The lack of planning and reflection is the biggest weakness of the model, and further improvement is needed for visual perception, long-term memory, personalization, imagination, transparency, and robustness to prompts. The paper also discusses GPT-4's potential impact on society, including potential challenges such as misinformation and malicious manipulation.

  • 00:00:00 In this section, the transcript discusses a 154-page paper by Microsoft researchers, which suggests that GPT-4, a language model developed by OpenAI, could be considered an early version of AGI (Artificial General Intelligence). The paper defines AGI as a system that reaches or surpasses human-level intelligence based on a general psychological ability, including reasoning, problem-solving, abstract thinking, and learning from experience. Rather than using traditional benchmark tests, the team evaluated the model's performance using a more psychologically-based method, which showed that GPT-4's ability to understand and connect seemingly unrelated topics and fields far exceeded previous models like ChatGPT. They also found that GPT-4's responses had consistency and coherence, even though there were still biases and limitations demonstrated. The researchers classified the capability of GPT-4 for natural language, programming and math, planning and problem-solving, and human psychology and common sense. They also tested the model's ability to generate images and code in response to complex tasks that required a multidisciplinary approach.
  • 00:05:00 In this section, the transcript discusses GPT-4's five remaining abilities, including its programming ability, math ability, ability to interact with the world, its ability to interact with humans, and its discernment ability. Interestingly, GPT-4 can execute programming code directly without the need to translate it into another language, which could potentially revolutionize programming in the future. In terms of math ability, GPT-4 has made significant progress but still falls short of expert level. GPT-4 can recognize and use external tools to improve itself, and it has the ability to perceive and infer the psychological states and intentions of others, which is essential for efficient communication between people. Finally, GPT-4 has strong discernment ability, which is critical to making accurate judgments and decisions.
  • 00:10:00 In this section, it is mentioned that the current self-regressive target function of the GPT series is the root of its shortcomings. The model lacks the ability to plan ahead and reflect, which restricts its problem-solving abilities to linear and sequential thinking, also known as System 1 thinking. The paper points out that the lack of planning and reflection is the GPT-4's biggest weakness. However, GPT-4's capabilities in human-like responses in natural language production and its potential impact on society, such as misinformation, malicious manipulation, and the possible effects on economic, social and professional aspects, are also discussed in the paper. The paper concludes the need for further improvement in GPT-4, such as visual perception, long-term memory, continuous learning, personalization, planning, imagination, transparency, interpretability, consistency, cognitive biases, irrational thinking, and robustness to prompts.

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