Summary of Horror's Most Insidious Trope

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This video explores how deception can be used to create horror, on both a small and large scale. It emphasizes how self-delusion can lead to complex internal conflicts, and how even community-level deception can be incredibly difficult to escape from.

  • 00:00:00 Bloodborne is a disturbing game that features grotesque deaths, torture, and monsters of every variety. The horror is not just in the violence, but in the deception that lies beneath it all. It is a world built on lies, where the populace is tricked into murdering their friends and family for fear that they might become monsters themselves. This video explains how this deception plays out in various scenarios, from the governments that use conspiracy theories to keep the populace in line, to smaller organizations that use lies and loyalty to function.
  • 00:05:00 This video explores the idea of deception and trust, focusing on the ways in which individuals can be deceived by those around them. The examples given focus on different levels of deception, from government officials to loved ones. It is emphasized that self-delusion is a very real and difficult thing, and that it often leads to complex internal conflicts. Characters in these situations are typically the heroes who ignite revolutions, but they are also the ones hiding in their houses terrified of what the next emergency news bulletin will bring. At the community level, it is emphasized that deception gets even worse because it is often the actions of the ruling body of a nation that a person can separate themselves from.
  • 00:10:00 This video series, "Creating Unique and Powerful Worlds," teaches how to begin building a new world, what the ripple effects of that starting idea will be, how to create themes and characters, and how to put everything together.
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