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The video discusses the ugly truths about the world, with a focus on how they can be depressing. The man thanks people for their kindness, but warns that things are not all good. He talks about how hope is important, and how he has hope for the future.

  • 00:00:00 Karbonkel, the character in the children's TV series "Loreland," was a mean, bullying classmate. He was eventually unmasked as the show's creator, and viewers were left to wonder how he managed to stay anonymous for so long.
  • 00:05:00 Karbonkel, a character on the Dutch children's television show "Lotte", was met negative reactions from parents and viewers fired from his role on the show season 2. Since then, he has disappeared from the media landscape. In search of answers, the narrator begins a search for Carbon on social media, meeting with mixed success. Eventually, she locates him working at a fast food restaurant. Carbon is reluctant to speak about his past, but reveals that he was bullied and had a fear of the dark as a child. With the help of therapy, he has since overcome these issues.
  • 00:10:00 Karbonkel is a character from a children's TV show that disappeared in 2004 after a car accident. Reed and Zoals ik dat altijd deed op vrijdagmiddag de televisie kaart naar binnen in gedachten zie ik dit moment nog steeds een slow motion tillen. Ik zie Kevin, kijken naar de televisie kaart, ik zie je ogen de kleur weten hoe laat het is. Hij opent het laat je onder zijn tafeltje, grieste bepr ik ben app, en steekt zo allebei zijn ogen uit. Ja, dat is natuurlijk niet leuk als je zoiets hoort. Geld voor een nieuwe serie was er niet dus we hebben besloten om karbonkel met poppen mee te leveren met de lespakketten om de kinderen kennis te laten maken en te laten wennen aan het personage gegeven moment krijgen we dus die
  • 00:15:00 Karbonkel, a long-time friend of the narrator, is introduced in the video as an ugly truth-teller. He reveals that he has been unemployed for a while and has been living off of his savings. He enters the casting for a stripper job, and the narrator helps him prepare. However, he does not make the final cut. Karbonkel then takes a job as an actor on a new series about Joeri Land. However, during the casting process, he is diagnosed with HIV and is unable to continue. The narrator tries to help him through the diagnosis and the aftermath, but Karbonkel eventually collapses and dies. The friendship between the narrator and Karbonkel was born out of their shared experience.
  • 00:20:00 Carlo Boggle tells his story of being bullied and running away from home, eventually becoming involved in the Tsjernobyl nuclear disaster. He talks about how the experience changed his life and how he wants to help other people who are going through tough times. karbonkel ben jij dat laat me met rust karbonkel we willen alleen even met je praten dus jullie van die sensatie zoekende journalisten zijn de mogen jullie oprotten nee naar maken een documentaire de documentaire waarover dan wel na die documentaire gaat over een jongen die bang is voor jou jongen die bang is voor mij wat een bijzonder uniek geval zeg had je volgende documentaire over mensen die koud daarbinnen winter karbonkel alsjeblieft je moet ons helpen de jongen zit al 26 jaar verstopt op een basisschool en jij bent de enige die hem kan helpen ah joh [__
  • 00:25:00 Karbonkel, a character on a Dutch television show, discusses the challenges of being on a television show. He discusses the pressure of having to appear perfect, the difficulty of improvising, and the lack of empathy actors often feel from the public. He also shares his experiences with Ritalin and other drugs, and how their use has changed over time.
  • 00:30:00 In this video, a man talks about the ugly truth about the world, and how it can be depressing. He thanks people for their kindness, but warns that things are not all good. He talks about how hope is important, and how he has hope for the future.

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