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In the video, "AQUILES O LA MENTIRA - MARGUERITE YOURCENAR," the author discusses the idea that no one can ever really conquer death. She talks about how the fear of death has led her to be more cautious in her dealings with other people, and how she has gone searching for an island or rock that would be a safe place to exile herself to, but has been unsuccessful.

  • 00:00:00 In this video, Marguerite Yourcenar discusses the idea of "Aquiles o la Mentira," which is the idea that no one ever really conquers death, and that it is always there to catch up with us. She discusses how the fear of death has become a constant presence in her life, and how it has led to her being more cautious in her dealings with other people. She also talks about how she has gone searching for an island or rock that would be a safe place to exile herself to, but has been unsuccessful.
  • 00:05:00 In this YouTube video, Marguerite YouRCenar reads from her story "Aquiles O La Mentira" about a young man who is infected with a deadly disease, and how his mother dresses him as a woman to disguise him from the sickness. The young man remembers the only thing that he ever really regretted in his life-divinely sleeping with a man without taking proper precautions to make him into a god, and finding the rough features of his father's face, now dressed in a beautiful beauty that comes only from her, and that one day will make his death more painful. He is wrapped in silks in a million veils of gasa, entwined in gold collars, and Aquiles has entered into womanhood with him-to try and make a different kind of man out of him, in order to free the slaves. The man he belonged to, the owner of the slave race, was the opposite of a woman-asexual, and the father of a deity who, unlike men, was not limited by the laws of nature. To Aquiles, women were a refuge from the brutal, savage wildness of the male world, where he could escape the pleas of his future victims. One pregnant ship carrying pregnant
  • 00:10:00 This video tells the story of a man who dresses as a woman to be able to live as a woman freely in society. He is called "Patroclo" and is a former soldier who has become a eunuch. He is in love with a woman, but she is in love with another man. One day, Patroclo meets a group of sailors who are on their way to capture a prince who has run away. Patroclo hides him and helps to dress him up as a woman so that he can escape. The sailors are amused by his disguise, but he is too busy trying to keep the prince safe to worry about his appearance. Eventually, the prince is caught and brought before Aquiles, the king. Aquiles is surprised to see a woman dressed as a prince, but is too polite to say anything. The king is also surprised and confused, but Aquiles orders his guards to take the prince away. As they leave, the sailors sing a song about a "liar" and how she deceives everyone she meets. Patroclo watches from behind the princesses' skirts, tears streaming down his face. The sailors threaten to tell everyone he's a woman if he ever reveals the prince's whereabouts,
  • 00:15:00 In this video, Marguerite Yourcenar discusses the dark, internal world of women. She recalls the time she was listening to the life of Deng Amin escape from her throat, and the same water from her neck was feeling more distant than ever. That woman he had treated not only as a possession, but as a mere being, gradually became less and less approachable as he squeezed her neck tighter, the mystery of being a woman coming to add to the mystery of being a woman. His own hands, almost as cold as life, touched her shoulder as he got up in shock to hear his own daughter propose escape before the wrath of the father-king could entirely destroy him. He, too, would be doomed to remain in that sterile room, a thing without life, as his own princess dragged him down to the level of mere mortals. As she recounted the steps leading to the king's corpse, his daughter's voice became solemn as she recounted the fate of Aquiles, the king of Troy. The divine beings of vengeance, my sandra, the father's anger, and my own would join together to keep him imprisoned in that palace, devoid of any facade of glory, as his thousand steps around the body would compose the immobility of
  • 00:20:00 The video tells the story of a young woman, Marguerite, who is pursued by an eagle. The eagle is a symbol of luck and victory, and Marguerite believes it is sent to help her. However, her enemies eventually catch up to her and she is forced to jump into the water and escape. Meanwhile, the sailors on the ship celebrate her victory.

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