Summary of Capítulo 7 "Demonios En La Aldea" Libro del año 2022 "Aventuras en la Jungla"

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The aldeanos in this chapter are scared at first, but soon forget their fears when they see the maestro's family dancing and playing music. The maestro then starts to treat the sick girl, and the aldeanos start to treat her as well. However, the Master becomes angry with the people of the village and they are confused.

  • 00:00:00 In this video, we watch the seventh chapter of the book, "Los Demonios En La Aldea" , which tells the story of a group of aldeanos who are scared at first, but soon forget their fears when they hear a music box and see the dancing family of the maestro. The maestro then begins to read from a black book with magical words, and one of the aldeanos, Halal, remembers the hombrecito from before and decides to use it to win. The next day, the aldeanos all kneel and speak in tongues, just like they would when talking to a friend. The difference is that they do it reverently, as if they were speaking to a king. Afterward, the maestro begins to treat the sick girl, and her father is more relieved than before because she no longer has any rashes. The aldeanos then start to treat her, and the father of the girl who is happy says to the maestro, "What must I do to make them well?" The maestro tells him to keep them warm and in a dark room, and that he should bathe them in fresh coconut milk sometimes. The maestro then tells Halal
  • 00:05:00 After the incident with the demons, Mama P. went together with the kids and there was Kylie Toga going to the mountain to prepare the land to be planted. There were some vegetables planted, and the children were observing them afterwards. A few days later, the food on Master's plate wasn't getting eaten, and he became very angry. The people of the village were confused because the Master had been so kind to them. However, they also heard the words of my country, which confused them. One of the women in the village said to the Master, "You are not fit to be a teacher. You say things that are sacred and we should not get angry. You tell us not to bathe like we do, and then you have the nerve to tell us that water is dirty. Is that not enough for you to worry about our sick children every day and night? And then my father said, 'It's not the same. It's not the same'. Then everything went quickly, just as it had with my father. And soon everyone in the village was talking about Master. My father told me what was happening and he said, 'I think it's impossible for him to be angry with us. We've been good to him.

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