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In the video, a security guard is surprised to learn that he has been selected for a procedure involving SCP-000, a door that leads to an alternate dimension. He is told that the assistant he is to help is not a Class D, but rather a Foundation staff member with a level 4 security clearance. The guard watches as the staff member completes the procedure and anoints his head with holy water.

  • 00:00:00 Technical researcher David Rosen discovers SCP-000, a file with no reason to exist that causes automated repair tickets to be sent out. The entity trapped within SCP-000 begins to panic, believing it may be stuck in Oblivion Forever.
  • 00:05:00 The video discusses SCP-000, a lost SCP which was discovered by the Foundation. The Entity had no idea what this Foundation even was, but it grew to hate and fearing it. Eventually, it found its voice and started screaming for help, but it was ignored. Technical Director Rosen suppressed the repair tickets, trapping the Entity in a private, hellish void.
  • 00:10:00 The video depicts the discovery of SCP-2935, a passageway between dimensions that leads to an alternate version of Earth where all life has perished. The video also tells the story of three failed expeditions to explore SCP-2935, each resulting in the death of most of the team.
  • 00:15:00 The video discusses the implications of a recent discovery made at SCP-000, which suggests that the events that transpired in SCP-000's mirror dimension eight days ago were a complete and absolute death across all forms of life. The team sent into the dimension to investigate found the corpses of everyone stationed at Site 81, including those who were previously thought to be alive in their own universe. Samples from the corpses were later studied and confirmed that death occurred on a cellular level and across all life forms.
  • 00:20:00 The researcher is taking notes in a standard containment cell when he hears sounds of knives and flesh being burned. Suddenly, an object floats in front of him and settles on the table, revealing a plate of food. The researcher is shocked to learn that not all SCPs are violent and hostile towards humanity.
  • 00:25:00 The SCP Foundation's containment of SCP-5031, a quasi-humanoid creature with vaguely human features, is difficult due to its defense mechanism of ceasing to exist when observed. Senior researcher Stanley Huxtable devised a series of tests to better understand the creature and hopefully keep it contained. SCP-5031's favorite music was determined over time, and the stress reducing effects of music on the creature seemed to decrease when the playlist was kept on shuffle.
  • 00:30:00 Senior researcher Huxtable observed that scp-5031 possessed a level of motor skills and emotional reactions similar to an average human toddler, as well as the ability to learn language. In the final phase of the experiment, scp-5031 was able to communicate its food preferences and dish pairings using a series of blocks.
  • 00:35:00 Senior researcher Huxtable conducts a series of tests to try and determine the origins of SCP-5031, which initially appears to be just another malicious monster. However, as the tests progress, it is revealed that SCP-5031 is a talented chef, and its culinary skills far surpass those of the average person. This leads to the development of new Kinder containment measures that will keep 5031 safer but also far more content.
  • 00:40:00 Brother Marsh, a man in a purple robe, leads a cult of zealots who believe in a squid-faced deity and plan to release him into the world to strike at the heart of their enemy, the SCP Foundation. These zealots have abandoned their homes and families to join him, and have gathered information to bring their plan to fruition. However, they are not without their enemies.
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  • 00:50:00 The video discusses the SCP-000 object, which is a door that leads to an alternate dimension or reality. It is kept under tight security and requires a specific psychological test and unwavering loyalty to the foundation in order to access. Personnel who have passed the test are sent to the door on a regular basis.
  • 00:55:00 The Lost SCP - SCP-000 - Most Surprising! video presents a security guard's surprise when he is selected for a procedure involving 220 Calabasas, a chicken, an obsidian-edged knife, a silver asparagulum, and aspersorium, all of which are necessary for the guard to carry out his orders. The guard is told that the assistant he's been designated as is not a Class D, but rather a Foundation staff member with a level 4 security clearance specifically tailored to SCP-2317. Every member of Staff entering through SCP-2317 and taking an active role in 22 Calabasas needs to be informed of this, and the guard watches as the assistant is careful not to miss a step while the celebrant completes his circuit around the Seven Pillars of the Prime Dimension and anoints his head with holy water. While the guard is aware that this is an odd combination for the Foundation, he trusts that they will carry out the orders to the letter.

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SCP-000 is a creature that has been imprisoned beneath the Seven Pillars of Salomon for centuries. The video discusses the origins of SCP-000 and the guard's fears that one day the Devourer of Worlds will be freed and devastate our dimension.

  • 01:00:00 The video discusses the origins of SCP-000, which is a creature that has been imprisoned beneath the Seven Pillars of Salomon for centuries. 220 Calabasas is a ritual that was designed to keep SCP-000 contained, but it has failed in the past. The guard fears that one day the Devourer of Worlds will be freed and devastate our dimension.
  • 01:05:00 The video discusses SCP-5545, an entity that is so volatile that even knowing about it is considered to be a Containment Breach. Site Director Jason Monroe is shown arriving at a newly-discovered site, SCP-5545-2, and discovering that 16 researchers have died. Site Director Monroe quickly realizes that Site-5545-2 is a concept rather than a physical space and decides to build a separate facility, Site-344-2, to keep SCP-5545-1 and SCP-5545-2 separate. Whenever the two entities come into contact, 5545-3 is created, an ever-expanding network of Endless Hallways.
  • 01:10:00 In this video, Jason Monroe discusses his suspicions that something bad may have happened at the site of SCP-000, which is supposedly a safe anomaly. He is granted unanimous approval by the O5 Council to travel to the site and investigate. Upon arriving, he finds that the staff behaves strangely and that SCP-000-2 is apparently contained inside 344-2. He hacks into the base's security footage and discovers that Dr Reed was sending mobile task forces into SCP-000-1 in an attempt to contain it. Monroe has a horrific recurring dream in which he is attacked by a zombie-like girl hanging from a long thread in the fireplace of SCP-000-1. He wakes up certain something is wrong, but decides to continue investigating.
  • 01:15:00 Personnel from the SCP Foundation investigate an Endless hallway in a facility known as SCP-5545-1. They discover that the hallways are connected to another location, SCP-344-2, which is home to a reincarnated Jason Monroe, who has killed hundreds of people over the course of his many reincarnations. The Foundation plans to send another reincarnation to take Monroe's punishment, but every time he enters the room, his memories of the previous murders come rushing back.
  • 01:20:00 A customer's apartment is found to be full of holes, and he is revealed to have SCP-3760. The customer apparently bit off his own arm, and the flesh around his bite has turned gray.
  • 01:25:00 SCP-3760 is a parasitic infection that causes the growth of shark-like limbs on the body. Once infected, individuals develop a craving for meat, and eventually cannibalize one another. The SCP Foundation is currently working to contain the infection and study its effects.
  • 01:30:00 The video discusses the SCP-000 anomaly, which is a phenomena that affects mostly women between the ages of 18 and 40. One woman is already dead as a result of this and an additional nine other women have been affected by this strange anomaly and have been cataloged and contained in standard humanoid containment Chambers for study. The Foundation couldn't draw any logical conclusions for why these women were spontaneous experiencing total personality changes and pronounced screaming fits, all they had to go on was that the first cluster of infected individuals originated in Barcelona, Spain. Agent Riley Cooper was dispatched on an investigative mission to Barcelona, but her team disappeared under horrific circumstances during the investigation. Agent Cooper arrived on the 15th of July 2016 and stepped out into the scorching summer heat of Spain.
  • 01:35:00 The video shows how agents Cooper and Ray infiltrated a club to investigate SCP-000. At 2 am, a man approached them and asked what agent Cooper's favorite star was. It was then that they realized the man was Jose Oriole, a suspect in the SCP-000 case. They followed him to his apartment and found evidence that he was involved in the SCP-000 incident. The book "The more you know, a pickup artist's Bible" was found in his apartment, and it is now known as SCP-3512-2.
  • 01:40:00 The video discusses the SCP-000 sculpture, which is said to begin smiling at its observer soon after being brought to life. The video also discusses the use of scissors and pinky finger removal as methods of increasing a seductive power. It is revealed that the sculpture is behind the scp-3512 phenomena, and that the two agents who discovered it were lost in the tunnels and never seen again.
  • 01:45:00 SCP-000 is a humanoid anomaly with the ability to open wormholes to extra-dimensional spaces. As a result of its power, SCP-000 has been involved in numerous disasters, including the 2014 activation of SCP-3988. The Ethics Committee has recently halted experimentation with SCP-000 due to safety concerns, and it is unknown when or if SCP-000 will be released.
  • 01:50:00 SCP-000 is a cognito hazard that severely damages the mental state of anyone trying to perceive them. A research team of 5 collapsed and security guards subdued Raynor to take him back to his cell after the testing chamber was cleaned. Raynor was moved to a more secure containment unit, but everyone agrees that it would be better in the long run if SCPI-4051 was working for the foundation rather than against it. Raynor's abilities could be harnessed to produce amnestics easily, and Dr Edwards was promoted to project director on the basis that he would try to ensure Raynor would be totally and utterly loyal to the foundation. Edwards set up a schedule using punishments and rewards along with regular checkups from an on-site therapist. The therapy sessions began on a good note, but Dr Yesenia the therapist assigned to SCP-4051 introduced herself politely and Raynor seemed to take a shine to her. They discussed his unique anomaly and the Containment Breach incident. Raynor was hesitant to request tests, but Edwards seemed to dislike Raynor for some reason. The next scheduled therapy session covered how Raynor felt about the experiment where he was being asked to recreate a portal. Raynor was excited that they were actually performing research about his abilities,
  • 01:55:00 The video discusses SCP-000, an anomalous object that is a murky and secretive project. The goal of the project was to use SCP-000's ability to travel through time to create a synthetic version of the prohibited drug y-909. However, a number of contingencies were planned in the event that the Wormhole became too dangerous or that Rainer attempted to resist. If this occurred, Rainer would be automatically injected with paralytics and sent back to his cell. The project was not immediately approved, but a skilled Liaison was sent to conduct the approval process. Dr Edwards ascertained that the subject was sane and able to conduct the procedure. Any unethical actions outside of the scope of the proposal would result in his removal from the team and disciplinary action. Raynor also revealed that Dr Roswell's original researcher was Edward's brother, and that he had been permanently injured in the incident when Raynor was asked to manifest impossible objects. Edwards swore that he wouldn't take any needless actions to cause intentional pain and suffering. The next test involving SCP-4051 was the first successful implementation of the procedure. SCP-4051 was actually being compliant with the procedure, making the job easier for the surgical staff. However, Raynor's nightmares returned after the first test

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The video is a set of notes about a YouTube video titled "The Lost SCP - SCP-000 - Most Surprising!" which discusses the SCP-000 designation for a man known as Edward Salzbro. The video discusses the phenomenon of "urban legends," and how they can have a real effect on the people who believe in them. The author then describes how he rewrote SCP-000, and how the story has the potential to come true.

  • 02:00:00 This video is designed to scare scp-3393 into cooperating with the Foundation, by insinuating that they are watching and recording him. The video's description and comments section are filled with memetic agents meant to confuse and distract scp-3393. The only person who is aware of the video's true purpose is the head of the anti-memetics division and a single member of the O5 Council.
  • 02:05:00 SCP-3393 is an entity that is believed to be a corporeal entity that has access to files that are classified as Level 4 clearance or higher, and seeks to make changes or delete files that it considers to be unfavorable. It is believed that SCP-3393 is attracted to information about itself, and is believed to be a vain creature that is arrogant.
  • 02:10:00 The video is a short clip of an SCP-000 object, which is apparently able to affect the memetic properties of other objects, and how it has thwarted Foundation attempts to contain it. It is implied that SCP-000 is Dr. Mackie or the product of one of Dr. Mackie's experiments, and that it is currently hiding within Site-31.
  • 02:15:00 In 1969, a man was arrested in hematnakar, an area in the Indian state of Gujarat, accused of inciting civil unrest, terrorizing and distressing the local people. The SCP Foundation received a request from an unknown organization, and determined that this man may have been connected to the events of the nightmarish incidents that have been occurring in the area over the past few months.
  • 02:20:00 Four genetically identical men were discovered in a cemetery in Ahmedabad, India, in 1975. The men were ambushed by operatives of the global occult Coalition, and the parasites they were carrying caused them to become Vivid hallucinating beings. The Foundation has since determined that there are more of these genetically identical individuals scattered across rural states in India.
  • 02:25:00 The video discusses a group of anomalous beings known as scp-2833, which are parasites that attach themselves to human females and implant miniature scp-2833s within the uterus. If the female host is a religious person, the parasite will also implant memories of the religion into the new scp-2833. These parasitic beings feed off of organic matter, and once their host dies during childbirth, the new scp-2833 will be born in a truly horrific fashion.
  • 02:30:00 The video discusses the SCP-3449 spiral notebook, which is described as a standard notebook with a dark blue cover and a safe classification. However, due to the formatting of the text, it is almost unreadable due to synaptical errors, random capitalization, and rampant imp spellings. Researchers have explored the possibility of putting SCP-3449 on the anomalous items log, but have failed to correct the misspellings.
  • 02:35:00 The video discusses the SCP-000 designation for a man known as Edward Salzbro, formerly known as "Person of Interest 4335." Salzbro's anomalous objects appear to be more severe than those caused by his anomalous objects, and research is ongoing to locate and contain any other objects created by him. The notebook pages are either blank, torn, or illegible, and Salzbro's computer files include spreadsheets dealing with personal finances, ideals for products, and an unfinished horror novel. The grocery list only has two written items, and the last entry in the planner is dated two weeks before containment. Salzbro's cell phone was also able to collect call logs, and researchers made contact with the receiver of one of the calls.
  • 02:40:00 SCP-3449 is an anomalous individual who causes writing difficulty in those who are exposed to him. His effects progress over time, eventually rendering the victim's ability to write completely illegible. As research into SCP-3449's effects continues, it is learned that his effects can also infect those who are exposed to him permanently. Dr. Teller's team is the first to discover this, and they are currently working to find a way to treat or prevent the effects.
  • 02:45:00 The video discusses the phenomenon of "urban legends," which are stories that are designed to be spread as rumors, but which have a real effect on the people who believe in them. The video discusses the Slenderman legend, which started as a whisper on an online forum, and quickly spread to other mediums. After it was debunked numerous times, the legend died down, but the effect it had on the people who believed in it has influenced the way Paul Jacobs thinks about stories.
  • 02:50:00 Paul Jacobs experiments with urban legends to see if he can create his own version that persists and continues to be passed down. He alters a few details of an anonymous author's story to make it his own, and then passes it on to another person to see if their mind will change the story. He is surprised by the results, and believes that the writer had achieved the same effect as the passing down of urban legends, but on a smaller scale.
  • 02:55:00 The video discusses the author's rewritten version of SCP-000, which is a story that has the potential to come true. In the video, the author describes how he was awakened by someone pounding on his door, and upon checking the alarm clock, realized that it was the middle of the night. He stumbled out of bed and towards the noise, only to be tackled by black-clad agents who dragged him into his home. One of the agents spoke to him, and the author remembers that the voice said that it was important to answer some questions. The author then realizes that he is shaking and sweating, and recalls that the agents had asked him about SCP-000. The author is unable to remember what the agent said next, but he is certain that it was about SCP-000 manifesting. The agents then informed the author that his life may be in danger, and the author is confused as to what is happening. The agents then ask the author where SCP-000 will manifest, and the author is unable to provide a answer. The agents then ask the author where it is going to appear next, and the author is unable to provide a answer. The agents then ask the author to write down SCP-000's location, but the author is unable to

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This video discusses the SCP-000 entity, which is a figure in a dark suit with pale skin and a face with its eyes, ears, nose, and mouth all missing. It is speculated that it may be a form of SCP-106, and the SCP Foundation uses its own fictional narrative to keep the entity contained. It is also speculated that the entity may have caused the death of several people in a nearby village.

  • 03:00:00 SCP-582 is an entity that can manifest as a deity, a humanoid form, or a form that exists on higher dimensions. It is usually depicted as carrying sacks of unknown contents and bleeding heavily. Multiple authors have written about SCP-582, but their descriptions of the entity's abilities vary significantly. This adaptability allows it to remain relatively unchanged even when contradictory information is given about it, and it has been known to disappear and reappear at will.
  • 03:05:00 The video discusses the SCP-000 entity, which is a figure in a dark suit with pale skin and a face with its eyes, ears, nose, and mouth all missing. It is speculated that it may be a form of SCP-106, and the SCP Foundation uses its own fictional narrative to keep the entity contained. It is also speculated that the entity may have caused the death of several people in a nearby village.
  • 03:10:00 SCP-6415 is a human crocodile hybrid that displays signs of intense distress and has caused hearing damage in personnel in its vicinity. The Foundation altered its containment procedures in response to this incident, believing that SCP-6415 lacked intelligence.
  • 03:15:00 The Lost SCP - SCP-000 - Most Surprising! video documents the discovery of SCP-000, a creature that appears to be composed of parts of other animals, and its plea for help from personnel at the Foundation. Though the creature has been contained, it continues to weep and begs for its family to be brought back. It is uncertain what will happen to SCP-000's containment procedures, as the kindness and generosity of some Foundation personnel might lead them to take advantage of the creature.
  • 03:20:00 The video shows a man walking down the street when he comes across an old man laying on the ground with a cane. The old man tells the man that his wife had an accident and that she's lost all of her beauty and confidence. The man offers to escort the old man back to his house, but the old man insists on walking back himself. They reach the old man's house and the man tells the Good Samaritan that his wife is in the kitchen. The Good Samaritan goes into the kitchen, but he can't see anything because there's too much light. Suddenly, the old man's house starts to shake and he tells the Good Samaritan to run. The Good Samaritan makes a run for the door, but he trips and falls. The old man tells the Good Samaritan that something is coming to get him. The Good Samaritan hears footsteps and breathing and sees a monster coming down the stairs. The monster has no eyes, just two black empty sockets. The monster steps straight out of a nightmare and into the physical world. The old man tells the Good Samaritan to run and the Good Samaritan escapes.
  • 03:25:00 The video describes a strange black sphere that traps a man inside, and he is eventually eaten by a creature that is later revealed to be SCP-957. This creature speaks fluent English, but prefers to speak an unknown dead language.
  • 03:30:00 This YouTube video features a salesman demon named Dan, who sells bizarre creatures known as SCP objects. These objects are some of the most terrifying and bizarre in the world, and Dan provides a depot where viewers can buy them.

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