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In this section of the YouTube video titled "Гибель франшизы Перевозчик," the speaker discusses the decline and ultimate demise of the Transporter franchise. They highlight various factors that contributed to its downfall, including the inability of certain actors to reach their full potential, the franchise's lack of popularity in the western film scene, poor marketing, multiple directors, and a shift in focus to a different genre. The speaker also mentions the success of the original film, "Перевозчик," particularly on home video, and how it launched the career of lead actor Jason Statham. They touch on the unsuccessful attempts to revive the franchise through a TV series and a reboot film, both of which faced financial and box office difficulties. Despite rumors of a potential revival, the success of Jason Statham's career makes it unlikely that we will see the return of the franchise in the near future.

  • 00:00:00 In this section of the YouTube video titled "Гибель франшизы Перевозчик", the speaker discusses the decline of the franchise "Перевозчик". The speaker claims that the franchise was not as popular as it could have been, citing the inability of certain actors, such as Jason Statham, to rise to the level of success they should have achieved. He argues that blame should not be placed entirely on Statham, but rather on certain people who appeared in his early films, such as Brad Pitt. However, it was also argued that the franchise had not been helped by its lack of popularity in the western film scene. The speaker then discusses the partnership between director Luc Besson and actor Jason Statham, which would have resulted in a film that would have become a "works on par with modern cinema." The idea was to have a film set on a grand scale, with a film that was able to rival great films of the past. Unfortunately, the film was not successful in theprokaт and its reputation was damaged. The speaker ends by highlighting why the franchise was popular, the success of the film "Перевозчик", and how it gave him his big break in acting. He attributes the lack of success of the film to poor marketing, multiple directors, and a focus on a different genre. It stands as an example of the dangers of focus groups and "studio meddling" in storytelling.
  • 00:05:00 In this section, the speaker discusses the success of the film "Перевозчик" and how it became a hit on home video. They note that the film was able to recoup its production and marketing costs on home video, while surpassing the revenue generated from theaters. The success of the film is attributed to the strong demand for it in the US, where it was originally released. The speaker also mentions the involvement of Michael Mann in the film and how he added a cameo appearance featuring Jason Statham. They note that this was an homage to the film "Интервью с Роберттем Крейзом" and how this was a huge success, both financially and critically. The speaker also notes that the failure of the sequel to "Перевозчик" was mostly due to the decision to shoot the main part of the film in the US. The main cast coped with these changes and they ended up being a huge success in other parts of the world. The speaker also discusses the impact of the film on the career of both director Michael Mann and actor Jason Statham. The film became a huge success, and it did a lot for the career of these actors.
  • 00:10:00 In this section, it is discussed how the Transporter franchise came to an end. The film franchise was canceled after not generating much profit, and instead, the producers decided to create a successful TV series. However, after a decline in viewership, the series was also canceled. A reboot of the franchise was then attempted with a new film titled "Transporter: The Legacy," which had budget complications during post-production. The film performed poorly in the box office, particularly in the US and China, and ultimately failed to revive the franchise. There have been rumors of a potential revival, but with the lead actor Jason Statham's successful career, it seems unlikely. Therefore, it is unlikely that we will see Frank Martin behind the wheel in the near future.

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