Summary of La toma de Limán, un problema para las fuerzas rusas en Ucrania

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The Ukrainian forces recaptured a key city from Russian forces on Saturday, dealing a blow to Russia's invasion of Ukraine. The victory at Alemán is significant not only strategically, but also in terms of the morale boost it provides to the Ukrainian people and government.

  • 00:00:00 The Ukrainian forces continue their offensive, recapturing a key city on Saturday after defeating Russian forces. Ukrainian Army spokesman Movses Densky said that they had attacked several Russian military bases and ammunition depots. Russian President Petro Poroshenko flew in a helicopter to see the situation for himself, and said that the imam located in the Donets region, which Russia had claimed for itself, is free of Russian troops. Ukrainian police shared a video of their forces removing Russian flags and symbols from the city. The United States' Secretary of Defense, Ashton Carter, said that the victory of Ukraine in Germany could become a serious problem for Russia in its attempt to halt the offensive in other strategic points on Ukrainian territory. This is very encouraging news, as we are seeing Liman fall in the middle of Russian supply lines that they had used to transport men and material to the south and west without those routes being impeded. This represents a kind of dilemma for the Russians in the future and previously, the correspondent for DW in Kiev provided this report on the significance of the loss of Germany for the government of Putin in Russia. Not only is Alemán a key strategic point for Russian logistics in their invasion of Ukraine, but it is also an important moment in terms of Putin's policy

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