Summary of Map Your Own Gamma Waves With Muse Headband and Mind Monitor

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The video showcases the use of the Mind Monitor system and its heat map setting to visualize changes in brain activity during meditation. The heat map displays frequency ranges from delta to gamma, with different colors representing levels of amplitude. By adjusting settings, users can see significant color changes with small EEG amplitude changes. The presenter notes differences in their own heat maps compared to Kevin, a person with extensive meditation experience, who reaches higher levels of energy and synchronization of neurons firing in higher frequency ranges. The comparison inspires the presenter to explore further technologies for meditation.

  • 00:00:00 different graph settings on the Mind Monitor system, and using the heat map setting, you can see changes in real-time as you engage in your meditation practice. The heat map has a range of frequencies that goes from 0 to over 54 hertz from delta to gamma and everything in between. The colors indicate levels of amplitude in microvolts, with blue being low activity levels, and red being the highest activity levels. By adjusting the max and minimum settings on the graph, you can see more significant color changes with smaller changes in EEG amplitude. Dr. Cody Rall walks through step by step and shows you how to properly set up the Mind Monitor system to get the most out of your meditative techniques.
  • 00:05:00 In this section of the video, the presenter explores different visualization schemes of the heat map and adjusts the amplitude range to increase color change. They note that the red in the heat map indicates high activity, blue indicates low activity, and green and yellow represent intermediate levels of activity. The presenter uses omg ocean breath and focuses on different energy centers to open up his spinal breathing and elevate his awareness, causing beta and gamma wave spikes. They are able to change the heat map in response to their movements and attempt to raise their vibration like Kevin, who has a more extensive range of frequencies. However, the presenter is only able to get up to yellow in the higher frequency ranges and cannot reach red, indicating lower energy spikes and a lesser ability to tap into higher energies.
  • 00:10:00 In this section, the speaker discusses a comparison of heat maps of brain activity during meditation for himself and another person named Kevin who has been meditating for 30 years. The heat map shows an increase in synchronization and amplitude of neurons firing together in higher frequency ranges such as beta and gamma, leading to more red and yellow colors. As Kevin reaches higher levels of energy and meditation, more neurons sync up leading to massive amounts of amplitude and more red colors on the heat map. After Kevin calms down, everything settles back down to blue. The speaker reveals that Kevin's meditations are on a completely different level and his ability to meditate for 30 years has inspired the speaker to investigate further into technologies being developed in this field.

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