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In the video, it is suggested that JK Rowling is working to promote transphobia by connecting with far-right groups and bigots. It is suggested that trans people should not ally themselves with these groups, as they will ultimately be used and discarded.

  • 00:00:00 JK Rowling's new friends article has a contradictory framing of a woman who fought for women's rights and was considered a brave feminist, against a woman who was considered trans-phobic and motivated by sick sexual perversions.
  • 00:05:00 In this video, Parker, a controversial figure even within the gender critical movement, organizes an event called "Let Women Speak." The event features gender critical speakers discussing what they see as the dangers of what they call "Trans ideology." It also attracts a crowd of counter-protesters. Some far-right nationalists, such as the Tommy Robinson linked Hearts of Oak group, stream the event live on the internet. Posey Parker has defended including these groups as part of her events, seeing the issue of stopping so-called "Trans ideology" as so important that she's willing to welcome in anyone who agrees with her on that particular issue. Parker is friendly with white supremacist YouTubers, has appeared on Tucker Carlson, and herself has a history of making racist statements. Some gender critical people refuse to associate with her, and the group Women's Place UK put out a statement explaining why they were cutting all links with Parker. In response to this video, JK Rowling uses hair platform to condemn the protesters at the event, not the far-right presence inside the event. Her language is also offensive and absurd, and incorrect. The protesters were howling "get lesbians for not doing dick," apparently a reference to a recent article by Parker in which she argues
  • 00:10:00 In the video, JK Rowling's new friends are discussed, with particular focus on Maya Forstatter, who is scheduled to speak at an event with Force Data, a right-wing anti-abortion group. Both Joyce and Forstatter have been accused of defending anti-transgender views, and Bailey has been cited as an ally of both. The video concludes with a warning about the dangers of alliances between far-right anti-abortion groups and transgender rights supporters.
  • 00:15:00 In this video, JK Rowling's new friends are Alison Bailey, Bev Jackson, and Julie Bendel, all of whom have worked with the Heritage Foundation, a conservative think tank. Alison Bailey is the founder of the LGB Alliance, an anti-trans group, and Bev Jackson has defended working with the Heritage Foundation. Julie Bendel is a journalist who has frequently worked with Heritage Foundation speakers, and she is also on a Heritage Foundation panel. Carol Farrow is the director of the UK branch of CitizenGo, an anti-abortion, anti-gay rights organization, and Pharaoh is notorious for downplaying the Catholic Church's infant Mass Graves scandal in Ireland. CitizensGo is funded by self-described feminists who donate money to Pharaoh.
  • 00:20:00 In this video, JK Rowling's old friends Emma Nicholson and Baroness Nicholson are discussed. Nicholson is a homophobic conservative politician who opposed same-sex marriage, opposed lesbians being parents, and supported section 28. Nicholson was removed from her position with the Booker Prize Foundation after she attended and gave speeches at Posey Parker's events. Rowling was asked about her stance on abortion and gay marriage and responded that she has always supported abortion and gay marriage, but her response is unclear in light of her past support of groups that would outlaw abortion and gay marriage rights. The video also discusses Nicholson's relationship with the transphobic anti-trans movement, and how some transphobes are willing to join up with groups that would force all women back into the kitchen and all gay women back into a closet.
  • 00:25:00 In this video, JK Rowling's connections to far-right groups are discussed, and it is suggested that she is working to sideline and marginalize those who are not willing to align themselves with racists, homophobes, and misogynists. It is also mentioned that she is a friend of ultra-conservative bigots, and that she has shown kindness towards them in the past. It is suggested that her anti-trans rhetoric is a lie, and that she is actually working to promote transphobia. Finally, it is suggested that trans people should not ally themselves with these groups, as they will ultimately be used and discarded.

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