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The YouTube video "Rebelión en la Granja Resumen de Vídeo" summarizes the events of the book "Animal Farm." The animals of the farm represent the dangers of a government controlled by a totalitarian leader, and the book chronicles their rebellion against their human oppressors. The video highlights the main characters and events of the book, and ends with the animals realizing that they are no better off than they were before the rebellion.

  • 00:00:00 In "Animal Farm," a farm reminiscent of the Russian Revolution is depicted. The animals represent the dangers of a government controlled by a totalitarian leader. The main characters are the old Major, a respected pig, who represents Karl Marx; Bola de Nieve, a young but intelligent pig; Napoleon, a stubborn, communist pig; Chilly, a cunning, propaganda-savvy pig; Fredrik, a hardworking horse; and Jones, an owner of a small farm adjacent to the main farm. The old Major calls a meeting of the animals, and explains that humans are the only reason the animals are enslaved. He encourages the animals to overthrow humanity through a great rebellion. Eventually, all the animals learn and obey seven principles of animalism: two legs good, four bad; no clothing; no sleep in beds; no drinking; no eating of human food; no killing of other animals. The animals soon achieve a successful first harvest, each animal working according to their abilities and obtaining a fair share of food. Napoleon, angry at this equality, locks nine newborn puppies in a dark basement, hoping to train them as his secret agents. The old Major, with the help of other farmers, tries to regain his farm, but Napoleon always seems one step ahead.
  • 00:05:00 In this video, the victory of "la batalla del establo de las vacas" is summarized, following which the animals accept full autonomy for the pigs to make all decisions. Ball of snow and Napoleon continue to disagree, and finally they face off over the possibility of building a windmill. Bolle of snow believes that this will shorten the week's labor, and will provide electricity to the farm, but Napoleon opposes this, calling for his nine trained dog puppies to expel Ball of snow from the farm. Boxer horse acquires its own maximum personal work ethic and Napoleon always has the right answer. Napoleon then announces the plan to build the windmill, claiming that it was his idea from the beginning. Rebuilding the windmill requires the animals to work harder than ever before, and even on Sundays, as the animals suffer food shortages and shortages of supplies. Napoleon dishonestly convinces the human world that he is prospering, signing a contract to sell 400 eggs a week to humans. This causes a strain on the animals' already overworked labor, and several of them die shortly thereafter. Napoleon then calls a meeting in which he requires several animals to confess their traitorous acts. The animals try to boxer to confess, but he is unafraid
  • 00:10:00 In a special banquet, but the pigs instead used the money they earned for buying a whisky box and getting drunk The years passed and the population of the farm increased, while few people remember the rebellion. The conditions on the farm continued to be hard, despite technological improvements, one day hilariously teaching the cows to sing on four legs better two legs better while the pigs walked around the courtyard on their back legs. The other animals are horrorized. Seven commandments have been replaced by a single maxim all the animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others. The pigs continue awarding themselves the same privilegies. Napoleon celebrates a conciliatory banquet with the farmers in which he announces that the animals will no longer be called comrade, and declares that the symbols of the rebellion will be stripped of the farm's flag. The rest of the animals peek out of the window and see humans and pigs playing poker without being able to distinguish themselves.

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