Summary of Der SCHLECHTESTE Magic Adventskalender (1 Stern Bewertung)

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The YouTuber in this video reviews a magic advent calendar that he purchased, which has a one-star rating. He criticizes the poor editing and misleading packaging, with half of the tricks missing. The quality of the packaging and the sorting of the doors are also criticized, along with the pixelated background image and spelling errors. Upon opening the calendar, he finds a bag with various items inside instead of individual compartments. The tricks included are of low quality and lack creativity, with many seeming to be bought in bulk from Aliexpress. The presenter demonstrates some of the tricks but finds them poorly executed. Only one trick involving a shoelace and ring is seen as decent. Overall, the YouTuber is greatly disappointed by the misleading and low-quality nature of the advent calendar.

  • 00:00:00 In this section, the YouTuber introduces the "worst-rated magical Advent calendar" that he ordered from Amazon, which has a one-star rating. He mentions that the pictures on the packaging are poorly edited and that half of the tricks shown on the box are not even included. The YouTuber also criticizes the poor quality of the packaging and the fact that all 24 doors are already sorted in order. He further comments on the pixelated background image and the incorrect spelling on the box. Upon opening the calendar, he discovers that it is just a bag with different-sized items inside, which cannot be taken out through the doors as intended. He then showcases a blue ball and a plastic compartment, but there are no instructions on what to do with them. The YouTuber concludes that the calendar is essentially a scam, disguised as a magical set, but poorly executed.
  • 00:05:00 In this section, the reviewer examines the first trick in the magic advent calendar and criticizes its low-budget quality. The tricks appear to be individually packaged and he suspects that they were bought in bulk from Aliexpress and simply put into plastic bags. He is confused by some of the tricks included, such as a coin holder and a cap. He also questions why the same elements and quality are frequently used in different magic sets. The reviewer then goes on to demonstrate a few tricks, including one with a spinning top and a dice, but finds them to be poorly executed. Finally, he encounters a trick with a shoelace and a ring, which he believes is the only decent trick in the calendar. Overall, he expresses disappointment with the quality and lack of creativity in the tricks included.
  • 00:10:00 In this section, the presenter discusses various magic tricks included in the Advent calendar. They first mention a trick involving a bouquet in a heart-shaped bowl, which is similar to a trick from a previous calendar but poorly executed due to a visible plastic barrier. The presenter then mentions another trick with a magic wand and rings, which is a standard trick but lacks creativity. They express dissatisfaction with a tutorial for a trick involving a straw and string, finding it overly complicated. The presenter also comments on a trick involving Chinese currency, expressing frustration with the unclear instructions. They briefly mention a trick with a DS game console that matches their skin tone but refrain from demonstrating it. The presenter criticizes the inclusion of another tutorial for a trick involving a piece of string that they find uninteresting. Lastly, they mention a floating ring trick that leads to a Chinese YouTube page, but do not elaborate on it further.
  • 00:15:00 In this section of the video, the YouTuber expresses their frustration and disappointment with the Magic Adventskalender. They believe that some of the tricks are stolen and not the original versions. The YouTuber also highlights the lack of creativity in the calendar, with duplicate tricks and tutorials. They show examples of tricks that are repeated multiple times and express their annoyance at the cheap and low-quality plastic versions of the tricks. Overall, the YouTuber is extremely disappointed with the contents of the Adventskalender and feels deceived by the lack of variety and originality.
  • 00:20:00 In this section, the speaker expresses their disappointment with a magic advent calendar they purchased, emphasizing that it is the worst one they have ever unboxed. They mention receiving the same item three times and even a fourth time with a different design. The speaker warns viewers to stay away from this calendar and suggests checking out their merchandise instead. They also recommend comparing it to a good advent calendar as shown in a direct comparison video. Overall, the speaker is left speechless by their experience.

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