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The video discusses six conclusions drawn from the five-year peace agreement in Colombia. The agreement has had both positive and negative outcomes, but the majority of them have been positive. The most notable positive outcome is the reduction in violence. However, the government has not been fulfilling its obligations under the agreement, leading to increased drug prices and economic instability.

  • 00:00:00 The six conclusions drawn from the five-year peace agreement are that there are both positive and negative aspects to the balance, with the majority of them being positive. The most noticeable positive outcome of the disarmament of paramilitary groups and the start of a new peace process was the reduction in violence. General statistical analysis of what's happening on the ground provides six conclusions. The first is that if one were to say that they were going to climb a ten-step staircase, with the signing of the peace agreement, they would hope to reach the ten steps, but they actually reached the four steps. It is still necessary to go up six, but they reached four, meaning this is a much better country than 20 years ago, but we still need to go through a new wave of violence. The second conclusion is that Colombia entered into a perfect storm in terms of the government not fulfilling the peace agreement. Drug prices increased, gold prices increased last year, and the year before that the economy of human trafficking exploded and there was no policy of reintegration of territory, so all of that is still present in Colombia, and that is why the government has opted for the strategy of high-value objectives, which is to capture Otoniel, lower Fabian, and believe that

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